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Session 6 (Scarlet)


Played on May 4th, 2008
As told in the voice of Scarlet

23.M41 Day 56

When our assaillant had calmed down enough, I started questioning him. I found out his name was Rat and they were informed by the motel's owner, whose name was Drayelock, of our presence. Their leader, called Roach (I half expected the rest of the gang to have names like Badger and Alleycat), had decided that they had to assassinate us to prevent them being caught by the bodysnatchers. I had no idea what a body snatcher was, but I used to dataslate to show him a picture of the white fibry graft we had seen before at the debriefing by Inquisitor Sand. He did not show any sign of recognition. Secondly I took him upstairs to identify if any of the deceased attackers was Roach. Sadly one of them was, so the lead to follow the chain of command was dead with him. Rat did not have any other useful information and was turning out to be a liability. After a quick discussion about what to do with him, I cut to the chase and took him outside to be put out of misery. For some reason the rest fo the team were looking quite startled when I returned completely emotionless.

Meanwhile, Ravian and Vhadeen had found Drayelock and his wife and had brought them to the main room of the motel, all tied up. Drayelock looked heavily under the influence of the Obscura drug and was completely unfit for questioning in this state. His wife looked even worse and would probably be unfit for questioning in any state. We decided to put them in a chamber until the drugs had worn off and use what litle was left of the rest of the night to get some sleep. In the morning, or rather in a few hours, we will start our search for the logo I had found in the office of Warden Locan.

In search of the logo, we traced our route back from the motel to the station. When we passed the bar, Arquis, Novus and Ravian could not hold back and decided to enter. When they were inside, we discovered the logo of the torches and the Scarab above the entrance of the bar. How could we have missed that all this time? The logo turned out to be the logo of the Tantalus Combine, a group of noble families who used to own most of the Coscarla sector among others. A quick research later, it turned out that the wealth of the group had steadily declined the last couple of years, and with it, the economy and wealth of the sector. The 'bar' was actually the home of the 'Third Tantalus Worker's Union' one of the unions of workers whose contracts had been sold by the Tantalus Combine in an effort to regain some lost wealth. Now it no doubt was a nest of shady business. Arquis and the others quickly found that out since they were escorted out by some mean looking men because they obviously had pryed in some business that wasn't theirs to pry in.

I had surveyed the back of the building, trying to find something that could match an 'Arteria Exit'. Several doors were at the back of the bar, one of them even looking too sturdy for the rest of the building, but nothing else looked out of the ordinary. Asking around after the team was reunited, we discovered that the Arteria was the main highway to the next district. It was actually quite close to the motel which we had claimed as a new base of operations. A quick visit there showed a highway which was heavily guarded with retractable fences and guardhouses. For some reason, the enforcers deemed it necessary to be able to shut down this sector in case of trouble.

Halfway in the afternoon we returned to the motel to question Drayelock. Ravian, convinced he could contribute little to the questioning itself, decided to get up to the roof. I think he wants to check the strategic position of the motel and the surrounding buildings. Even when not under the influence of his drugs, Drayelock produced little more than gibberish. The only useful thing we could extract from him was that he contacted the attackers through one of his contacts by the name of Lurtz. He described Lurtz as a tall man, dressed in blue and wearing a cap and a scar across his face. He meets Lurtz in the Worker's Union. So I think we might revisit that place tonight. Obviously one of the teammember who has not yet set foot in there has to go in to avoid recognition. I think I might have a try and perhaps ask Zuka with me for some firepower backup.

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