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Session 6 (Vhadeen)

Body snatchers

Played on May 4th, 2008
In the words of guardsman Vhadeen

55.23.M41 - Questions asked..

Ha! Had you there didn't I? Made you wonder all day to find out what our newly acquired captive was going to tell, eh? Well, we sure as hell didn't get any really useful information out of the guy. We found out that the keeper of the hostel was an addict and he decided that we were a good bounty to get if he ratted us out as a good catch too some local hoodlums. One look to our equipment should have given him a proper idea of what the outcome was going to be. But ahwell, I guess when you live in a hole like this desperation would certainly get to you. And even attacking a bunch of heavily armed guys would start to seem as a bright idea. That was the only information you ask? Yeah, almost, we learned that he'd rather risk a fight with us and get ahead than get caught by some bodysnatchers. Not much good that information that did to us at that time. But I actually only learned that the next morning from the rest of the group. I never was into asking questions and purposely hitting people for information. And I once more was amazed at what Scarlet had in her. She's the one that took our captive around the corner and took him out of his misery. She sure was a crazy one at times.

It was the next morning that we decided to have a look around town for the icon Zuka had seen somewhere. They had locked the keeper and his wife in a room without any food, drink or any of his beloved drugs. Not that I cared what happened to them, they got what they had coming, just as long as I didn't have to do it. We soon enough found out where Zuka had seen the icon shortly after Arquis, Ravian and Novus decided to go into the local pub and see if anything interesting was in there. And they sure as hell found something in there.. They bloody found trouble ofcourse, some information too, but it seemed Novus had been asking some stupid questions out loud and they were being escorted outside by some less than friendly people. But the icon had been next to the entrance door and above the counter of the bar itself and we found out that this pub was the local gathering place of the workers union. And what brilliant conclusion they had? There was shady business going in there? Do you believe that? A bar in a shitty part of the hive and actually shady business was going on? Hah! Ok. Ok ok. I'm ranting again. There was ofcourse a lot more going on in there as we were later to find out. When we got back and the keeper was in a bit more talkative mood he told us that he had a contact at the pub which he had some dealing with.
But that still didn't leave us with much to go on, so we were back to making up plans to get useful information to solve the mystery that was going on there. My idea to just wait outside when darkness fell and let them bodysnatchers come and get us was taken for a bad idea were going to use that fool for an inkeeper as bait and try and catch one of them. I had no idea how, but I guessed they would create a good enough plan and I would just follow orders and see where it got us.

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