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Session 2 (Purkin)

"Party Starters"

Played on June 23rd, 2013

Date: 18th day of the 3rd Moon. Year of the Runeforge. Lunchtime.

Naivana and me went to the mines, expecting our adventurer guild members to meet us at the entrance. But alas they went in ahead. I hope they had left some loot for us to collect.
Once inside we checked the tracks on the floor; Most of the them (at least four people worth of tracks) went into a hallway of to the side. We followed those into a room with a large three foot hole in the wall. It seemed a few slid down this tunnel and Naivana quickly did exactly that. As I didn't want to remain alone, I tried clambering down the tunnel. But I quickly lost my footing and also slid down.
In the room where we appeared, once we looked around, we eventually found our friends. They were busy poking a dorf skeleton. As we reached them it collapsed dropping his shiney pickaxe.

The cask he had been standing on turned out to contain some explosive powder, much to the dismay of Thrur who had hoped to find some ale in there. Further investigation of the room "revealed three huge oaken doors with iron hinges. The middle one was blocked my a large pin. The left and right could be opened and we went into the left where we saw two dead humanoids, crouched against the sides of the corridor.
Once we reached them we saw it were a dead elf and dorf. According to the elfs journal they got caught in this corridor and eventually the elf killed the dorf to avoid being eaten and then he commited suicide, by shooting ahimself with an arrow... Quite a feat.
The corridor was indeed weird. As Lausian tried to reach the door, it appeared to move away. Lucky for us Dorje knew corridors like that and he started walking backwards. That way he was able to reach the end of the hallway and open the door, thus breaking the spell.

As we continued all of a sudden my trap detecting instincts tingled. A glass window with a hammer behind it seemed trapped. Someone quickly disarmed it with a puff of smoke. Thrur than broke the glass and grabbed the hammer, as he thought something was about to attack us. Turns out he misunderstood Dorje who was just reading the sign next to the hammer. Smart move dorf... Although he did gain a nice shiney hammer.

The next obstacle was a weird stone door with a big dorf head grinning at us. In Dorf runes there was a sign stating 'See through you, see through me'. We saw through the door, but a regular corridor seemed to be on the other side. So we opened the door and everybody went in. Once inside someone thought it would be a good idead to try and open the door again from this side. A good idea indeed beside the fact that Dorje all of a sudden turned into a nice monk looking pile of coins.
After long debates and even longer experiments involving see through rodents, who don't manage well when hit my magic missiles, we managed to come up with an idea how to get Dorje back.
We had to go outside, bringing all the coins. So Zebediah put all the coins in a spare backpack and dragged them out. There the bag of coins turned back into Dorje!

Now back inside as this way it'll be christmas before we find the forever stone
iJust inside when we reached the side-corridors we heard something from the direction we hadn't invetigated yet. It sounded like clucking and yells calling out for help.
Carefully we snuck into the hallway and eventually around the corner we saw six cocktrices assaulting a mining cart which was the source of the calls for help. We quickly took care of the foul beasts with only a few minor wounds sustained on our side.

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