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Session 3 (Thrur)

"Stinkin' stuntie"

Played on June 30th, 2013

Date: 18th day of the 3rd Moon. Year of the Runeforge. Time: Probably somewhere around noon.

As soon as we had dealt with the stupid overgrown chickens, we decided to take a look at the screaming figure beneath the minecart. It turned out to be a small, irritatingly, stinkin' stuntie! His name was Hughug or zugzug or plugwug or something. He was clingier than the spam remaining in your beard after a late night beer-fest. I instantly started to dislike the little brat. Anyway, him and 7 others started the search for the Forever Stone as well and he was the only one left. Figures.

For some unfathomable reason, the rest of our party decided he would be a valuable addition to the party and let him hang around. Oh yes, check it out, this was the good part: the main reason was that he could read dwarfish runes. Well shave my beard and call me a stuntie, what would we have done without him :S Anyway, we explored deeper into the dungeon and passed a number of shafts, all named after my forefathers. One of my friends suddenly noticed a suspicious looking spot on the wall. Purkin tried to hit it with her quarterstaff, which promptly got stuck in the wall. Suddenly the wall came alive and the mimic, for that is what it was, decided to attack. We exchanged a number of blows and I gave it an enormous blow with my hammer, bringing it an inch from death's door. The darn stuntie managed to hit it right afterwards with a flimsy sling and it toppled over. He acted like he single handedly slain the beast. Figures. *spit*

Behind the mimic, a corridor opened up, which terminated at a staircase winding down. Next to the staircase a large stone dwarfen statue was standing with his hand outstretched. Our little mage-girl didn't waste time and shook the statue's hand. His mouth opened and a ring fell out. Although the ranger tried to warn her, she quickly slipped the ring on her finger, at which point it shrunk magically to ensure a snug fit. Weird. I decided to honor my forefathers as well and shake the statues hand. It produced a number of coins from its mouth which I ofcourse pocketed after thanking him. Some of the other party members then decided it would be a good idea to also shake its hand. Greedy bastards ;) They only got their fortune read to them by the statue. Must have been because they no dwarves.

Since we had not fully explored the top floor of the mine, we didn't want to go down the staircase yet. We backtracked a bit and took another hallway, where we stumbled upon an obvious trap: Big iron ball posed on top of a downward sloped hallway. As obvious as a abandoned beerkeg in a busy bar. Our plated friend Zebediah however somehow decided it would be a good idea to start walking down the hallway. That not only made me question his sanity of mind, but after the ball started rolling (well DOH!) I also had my doubt about the prolonged health of his body. Purkin must have thought the same since she also chased the ball down. We found Zebediah clenching his foot. His metal greaves looked decidedly flatter than a few moments ago. We heard some shouts from above and apparently the ball had reappeared upstairs and was rolling down again. I forgot about our paladin's flat feet and quickly started running down the slope. My catform was much faster than my short dwarven legs, so I transformed into my catform and ran as fast as my paws could carry me down the slope. Suffice to say, I made it. Almost. I crouched as a tiger to try and minimize the damage but the impact was still vey substantial. I reverted back to my normal form and since the rest of the group apparently didn't make it down, I sat down to wait for them. They yelled to me that they were going to find another way down, which I thought was fine. After a short while, I heard voices from the other end of the hallway that sounded familiar, so I stood up and started making my way towards them. Our agile ranger-fellow greeted me, having gone a bit in front of the rest of the group who were dealing with planks and shafts or something. Just as we wanted to walk back to them, we heard some moaning behind a wall. The ranged and myself quickly took our hammer and the diamond-tipped pick from the raging undead dwarf and started working on breaking down the wall. When we had made a decent sized hole in it, we saw a skull-shaped cavern behind it, with an ominous archway in its center from which the moaning sound originated. This did not bode well...

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