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Session 4 (Purkin)

"Purkin Slurpy"

Played on July 14th, 2013

18th day of the 3rd Moon. Year of the Runeforge.

We search through the skullroom. As Zebediah passes the evil looking portal with his torhc in his hand some moany 'YOUR LIGHT IS NOT WELCOME HERE' can be heard. I think they've had their fair share of Jehova witnesses in here somehow.
Z decides it's a good idea to poke the portal with the torch whioch results in some zombielike arm reaching out for it. We quickly pull back the torch and it is followed by a bunch of zombies. I thunderwave one back through the portal, but then small crawly creepers start pouring out of the portal, exploding as they get near to us. Z goes down but is healed again by Thrur. He quickly returns the healy favor when Thrur himself goes down due to the exploding gits.
Eventually creatures stop appearing from the portal and it seems we've defeaten them for now. Looking at the time and our wellbeing we decide to call it a night. But before I go to bed I decide to spednn my "detect magic" on everything which we have obtained today. The ring turns out to have some nice pierce avoidance ability and the cloak has elvenkind written all over it. I also try to fiund out what's going on in the holes with the disappearing dust and wood, but somehow my spell doesn't reach deep enough.
I take the first watch and practice my noise cancellation spell, but it seems people are more annoyed by my casting than I can solve by cancelling out the moaning noise.

19th day of the 3rd Moon. Year of the Runeforge.

That night we all have our fair share of nightmares about goblins hugging us, big granite balls chasing us down hallways and about other nasty stuff which has already happened to us on that first pretty eventfull day

Even with all the nightmares I feel somewhat refreshed and dare to go check out the portal. We decide to set up a big case of dynamite next to the portal archway to blow it up in case of emergency. I poke the portal with my staff which gets grabbed like the torch yesterday. I pull back my staff but I still would like to know more, so I slowly approach. As I get really close, numerous gross arms stick out of the portal trying to grab me (hmmm..... why does this feel familiar... uhm uuh...). Zebediah quickly pulls me away from the portal and we decide to put this portal out of order.
The dynamite doesn't have the exact desired effect as we can still hear some moaning after the dust settles. But at least the room has collapsed on top of the portal, which should avoid any more creatures pouring out anymore.

Now I want to investigate the holes in the hallway which lead to the skullroom. Zebediah lowers me with Dorje's rope, but then all of a sudden I get slurped into some gelly like cube at the bottom of the hole.
I use almost my entire spell arsenal and even get away for a split second. But the gelatinous cube slurps me back up as I can't climb out of the hole fast enough. Luckilly with the help of the team (with a special mention for Hughug who jumped down first to rescue me) we end up killing the cube and with a quick heal I even manage to survive with some nasty acid burns.

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