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Session 7 (Purkin)

Would you like to ride with batman

Played on August 18th, 2013

19th day of the 3rd Moon. Year of the Runeforge.

Ok, so we woke a big bat which in turn startled all the chirpy fellows in this goo filled cave. The crickets are quickly dealt with. The bats take a bit longer, but in the end I can add about elevn kill markers to my staff. This was quickly adding up, blowing up three or four crickets at once *boooom* *giggle*.
Another bat joined us when I accidentally shoved Tog into it, with my Thunderwave. Sorry about that. But after we all went bananas on it, that bat also died.
I sat down on the leathery bat corpses wing to get a bit of rest before we moved on. As we could only go down, we lowered ourselves from some ledges, where we got assaulted by Piercers. A bunch of spells and guessing which stalactites were actually not made of stone later, they also were gone, so we could continue "safely".

Once we reach the bottom of this climb we're startled by a giant purple worm crashing past us every minute or so. He seems to patrol a corridor of some kind and Lausian considers it a wise idea to shoot it. The worm thinks otherwise however and decides to make a small detour to crash into the ledges we've just clambered down from.
Luckilly that's all the attention he gives us before moving on, on his patrol route again.

Worm chasing

Dorje and me check out the tunnel once the worm has passed by again. It seems the tunnel splits some yards in, so we decide to make a dash for it. As we reach the alcove in the side of the tunnel it turns out not to be too deep. But it allows us to take cover from the worm as it crashes past again.
Another short run after the worm and we're in a small hallway which is blocked by a big iron-clad door a few yards in. The door contains six rows of large square iron buttons with dorf runes on them.
After a while, as we investigate the door, the others join us. Some even start pressing the letters. As Dorje and me don't want to wait around and watch what happens when pressing the letters in some random order, we decide to have some fun again running along with the worm. Every few yards we can enter alcoves again to be safe. One of the alcoves is somewhat deeper and has a large hole in the ceiling with a lot of gravel beneath it on the floor. According to Dorje this might be the location where the outhouse can be found outside of the dungeon.
After more running, we meet back up with the rest of the group, who look slightly harmed as compared to a few minutes ago. It turns out, after they had pressed that random sequence, something exploded in their face and all buttons popped back.

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