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Session 0 (Producers)


Played on June 6th, 2016

Day of crash, june 6th 2016

"Welcome aboard this Airbus A319, American flight 964 to Miami, I am your captain..." You didn't catch the Spanish sounding names of the crew, but to be honest, you are hardly interested. It has been a long day in the stifling heat of Brazil and it promises to be a short night during the five and a half hour nocturnal flight. It will only be all the more uncomfortable due to the limited amount of room within the economy class.

As soon as the fasten your seatbelts light is turned off, you cuddle yourself inside your blanket. You try to fall asleep amidst the quiet conversations of the 100 or so other passengers. Just as you have almost dozed off in the darkness, you hear the distinct ping of the fasten your seatbelts light turning on again. You grudgingly comply, mentally preparing yourself for some turbulence. Suddenly, you feel the plane make a fairly hard bank to the right. The intercom sounds again: "This is your captain speaking. Due to some minor difficulties, we need to return to Manaus airport. Please remain seated with your seatbelt fastened."

Passengers around you start muttering and complaining against the flight crew. You can emphasize with them, since you are also not looking forward to spending the night at the airport. The intercom continues: "We apologize for your inconvenience. We will keep you updated on..." then it cuts off as the plane suddenly makes a violent jerk and immediately starts descending rapidly.

People around you start screaming and panicking. A few people who didn't yet manage to get their seatbelts fastened are struggling to stay in their seats. With a small thud, the plane's oxygen masks fall out from their overhead storage spaces. The flight attendant's voice sounds through the cabin, desperately trying not to sound panicky: "Everybody please remain calm. Pull your knees up to your chest and put your head in between them. Cover your head with both hands. This will..." Again the intercom is cut off. This time for good.

The next split second, total chaos erupts. The plane is jerked violently in all directions. The sounds you hear are indescribable. You roll up into a fetal position, close your eyes and just wait for it to end. After 2 minutes that seem like hours, the deafening noise dies down to more manageable levels. You hear some voices from other people, but not many of them. You also feel a warm wind blowing across your arms and body. Finally you come to the full realization that this was not a dream. Parts of your body hurt, but apart from that you seem to have sustained no major injuries. You slowly open your eyes to reveal the harsh truth:

You have crashed!

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