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Session 2 (Madeline)

s01e02: Lost

Broadcast on June 19th, 2016

Spotlight character: Eduardo

Act I, scene i

Eduardo and Carlos walk away from the wreckage of the plane and run into Jennifer Lawlor. She's trying to gather all the legal papers back into her expensive suitcase.
Jennifer wonders how this crash could happen and tries to pin the blame on Eduardo, who succesfully avoids her allegations.

Act I, scene ii

Carlos (together with Eduardo) meets up with the other group of Judy, her bodyguard Richard and Madeline, Vicky and Isabel. (Sound FX: night in jungle) Carlos wants to build a fire to keep the animals away. He and Eduardo explore the area near the plane and deem it safe.

Act I, scene iii

Richard (together with Eduardo and Jennifer) are scavenging the remains of the plane and its cargo. They succesfully gather a medkit, several sturdy poles, food.

Act I, scene iv

Madeline and the rest of the cast are gathered together. Madeline realises where they are (in the middle of the Amazonian rainforest) and hears from Eduardo that the SOS might not have been picked up. She breaks down after exclaiming that she does not have any relevant skills here and that others must help her. Richard comforts her.

Act I, scene v

In the morning, Jennifer, Eduardo and Madeline wake up. They're soaked through and through but fortunately it's already warming up. Jennifer also realises the situation but, contrary to Madeline, is not fazed.

A smell of cooked meat wafts from the plane. (Sound FX: rustling from the bushes.)

Act II, scene i

Eduardo calls everybody together. He proposes to walk to the North-East, towards the civilized world. After some back-and-forth, the rest of the survivors agrees. Eduardo, however, insists on first giving Judy a proper burial.

Act II, scene ii

Carlos hears the sounds from the undergrowth! It appears several hyenas have been attracted by the smells coming from the wreckage. Carlos attacks the hyenas, trying to defend Jennifer and Eduardo.

Act II, scene iii

Richard (who is nearby burying Judy) hears the barking of the hyenas and comes to Carlos's aid. Together they keep the animals at bay. A fourth hyena, however, slinks into the plane. Moments later he reappears, carrying a leg in his jaws.

Act II, scene iv

Madeline and the rest of the cast walk away from the remains of the plane. After a while, she collapses, complaining about her sprained ankle. Isabel treats the injury, after which Richard helps her stand and supports her.

Act II, scene v

Jennifer does not want to wander too far from the plane, as she thinks that the rescuers will surely look for them there. She wants to build a camp soon. (Next shot:) They arrive at a clearing. In the middle there's a blackened circle (remains of a fire?). Surrounding the black spot there are four bamboo platforms. Jennifer persuades everybody to pitch camp here and is very unpleasent towards Eduardo who was sticking to his earlier plan. Richard helps to move the platforms, although he also disagrees with the plan.

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