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Session 1 (Isabel)


Played on June 12th, 2016

Act 1, Scene 1 - The cockpit

As I enter the cockpit I see Captain Eduardo sitting in his pilot seat, checking out the dials and attempting to make contact via the radio. Only static can be heard.
The co-pilot is lying there motionless in his seat with a large branch sticking straight through him. Blood is oozing from the large chest wound where the branch enters his body. I grab a large bandage from the first-aid box and try to stop the bleeding. The pilot meanwhile gives me instruction on how to act, but after a few weird sounds coming from the chest cavity the co-pilot goes silent. I check his pulse and my worst fear becomes the truth, I've lost him...

Act 1, Scene 2 - Back of the plane

Madeline wakes up from being unconscious. As it's completely dark this far at the back of the plane, apart from an occasional electric spark, she quickly grabs her iPhone and turns on its flashlight. On the other side of the aisle her neighbour is lying there with his head bend into a weird direction, presumably his neck is broken. Then she hears her BFF Vicky on the other side moaning and swearing. Oxygen masks are dangling from their compartments. And the hull of the plane has clearly broken in half about one-third from the front.
Vicky wants to be cut free, her seatbelt buckle is stuck. Madeline starts looking for some tools to help out and she finds a small pair of scissors. They cut Vicky free from her bonds and they stand up and start walking to the opening of the hull.

Act 1, Scene 3 - Looking for survivors

After I just lost the co-pilot I want to make sure we don't lose any more people. So I quickly run into the main part of the plane. The first person I see is a friendly person who told me he's a fireman. I presume he knows how to act in case of a crisis, so I ask him to assist me looking for people who need our help.
I now notice a lot of empty seats, and for the love of god, I can't recall if I have checked the passengers in these seats if they had closed their belts. I sure hope they did and that they already made it out of the plane alive. But perhaps they didn't make it out alive but they fell out of the plane as it broke in half...
Madre de Dios, what did I do! I quickly pull out the emergency flowchart and start working down the checklist, anything to keep me sane... "Open emergency hatch... uhm... Did we land on water...? Inflate life rafts..."

Act 1, Scene 4 - Celebrity on board

Judy Johnson is lying there unconscious, her leg most likely broken and with a large gash across her scalp. Her bodyguard is tending to her wounds, while her chihuahua keeps barking and jumping around. Vicky can be heard from the back of the plane "There's someone alive over there, come help us sir!". Meanwhile the bodyguard is tearing up his start, creating a makeshift bandage for Judy.
Madeline assists the bodyguard - Richard - trying to free Judy from her belt. As she's released from the belt she almost slumps to the ground. But Richard quickly grabs her and holds on to her to she remains sitting somewhat upright.

Act 1, Scene 5 - Explosion at the front

As Carlos is trying to free people he notices a girl being crushed between two seats. He quickly looks for tools to free her and finds a fire axe. He start hacking away at the seats, but they won't budge. Then Eduardo comes running out of the cockpit yelling for everyone to take cover as this part of the plane is about to explode.
As Carlos realises there's nothing he can do anymore for the little girl, he does the most humane thing he can do for her to avoid her burning alive [fade to black].
Next we see the pilot and Carlos emerge from the burning wreckage.

A couple of people have gathered out in front of the plane. The fire burning at the front hasn't reached the back yet

Act 2, Scene 1 - Clearing out the back of the plane

Eduardo starts helping Richard with Judy. Meanwhile I grab the chihuahua and put her in the Louis Vuitton dog carrier. She bites me.
Vicky wonders if we should bring some food as we leave the plane, so Eduardo starts pulling out the catering trolley out of their storage cabinets. He rolls one down the aisle which quickly catches a lot of speed as the back of the plane is aiming somewhat downwards.

Act 2, Scene 2 - Ouch!

AS Madeline is caught up in the aisle and can't get away in time she's caught by the trolley which comes thundering down. Beside the sprained ankle she now als is hit in her stomach hard. "Ouch!!"

Act 2, Scene 3 - Flee this way!

As the fire from the front of the plane is slowly reaching this back part. and we see and smell a pool of kerosine forming on the jungle floor around the plane I decide it's really time to leave the plane behind and start making a run for the jungle edge. I try to yell at all the remaining passengers to follow me so we can stay alive together, but it seems the only companion I got for now is Mimi the chihuahua.
It seems a couple of people flee into another direction. Meanwhile Carlos is trying to stop the fire from spreading, but with the limited tools and a immense amount of fuel, there's no way he'll hold this back!

Act 2, Scene 4 - Gathering in the jungle

Richard carries Judy out of the plane running after Vicky and the stumbling Madeline. Richard asks Vicky to support Madeline while walking to go faster.
As they reach the dense jungle they hear barking and they move into that direction. a few yard into the jungle they find me sitting down behind one of the big roots of a mangrove tree. Richard carefully places Judy on the forest floor. But as she touches the ground we hear a slight sigh from her last breath. Another one of my passengers dead. I start crying...

Act 2, Scene 5 - BOOOOOOOM!

Then we hear a loud explosion, luckily Eduardo and Carlos still managed to escape.

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