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Session 4 (Isabel)

s01e04: Natives

Broadcast on July 3rd, 2016

Spotlight character: Noone

Prologue - Jungle exploration

Jennifer, Eduardo, Madeline, Carlos, Isabel, Richard

The group leaves behind the native women and return to their trip through the jungle.
After about a week, wading through streams, cutting their way through the jungle, the group is getting really tired. Their food is gone, and what isn't gone yet is going moldy
Cloths, shoes are really starting to show the wear and tear from the moist harsh environment of the jungle.
Mosquito's are jkeeping them from catching a good night sleep. And to make things even worse, the batteries of the various mobile phones have gone flat

Act I, scene i - Fruitbowl

Jennifer, Eduardo, Madeline, Richard

Everybody starts to wake up. The first awake notice a big bowl filles to the brim with fruit. Everybody grabs some pieces of fruit and start eating.Jennifer: Who could've put this here?
When they continue to empty out the fruitbowl all of a sudden Jennifer notices a keyring hidden amongst the fruit.Madeline: Aren't those Richard's?
Richard: Yeah, the last timme I still had them was in the native village where we freed Vicky. Must've lost them there.
Jennifer: It seems they want to help us out. Maybe we should go look for them, because wandering around isn't helping us.
A ntive boy comes walking out of the bushes. Eduardo is using weird gestrues to "ask" the boy if he'd like to trade Vicky for the bowl of fruit.
The boy beckons the group to follow him into the jungle. Jennifer looks in doubt, but eventually follows the little guy.

Act I, scene ii - Native village


They follow the boy through the jungle for a few hours. Eventually the jungkle opens up to a large open area with various huts. There are a lot of native grown-ups and children here. Everybody's staring at them.Carlos: Olá
They continue to follow the boy into the village. They're being touched and stared at by the villagers.
The boy grabs Carlos' hand and take him to the big hut in the center of the village. A big guy is guarding the entrance and pushed the boy who trips and falls down.
Carlos: Leave that boy alone!
The big guy stares at Carlos flabbergasted and backs off. The boy grabs Carlos' hand again and takes him inside the hut. 

Act I, scene iii - Snooping


Eduardo walks around the big hut and tries to look inside through the vines. He sees the back of a very old guy sitting across from the boy, Carlos, Isabel, Madeline and Jennifer.
Eduardo is tapped on his shoulder, he swings his arm backwards hitting a girl on the arm. She starts screaming.
Eduardo looks a little guilty and tries to calm the girl down. He seems to succed as after a few minutes she jumps in his arms.

Act I, scene iv - Inside the hut

Isabel, Jennifer, Madeline, Carlos

The old man is smoking a pipe with some strange herbs. He passes the pipe around to the guests. jennifer passes the pipe along, Isabel though thinks it would be a good idea to acknowledge the old man's hospitality, but she avoids inhaling the smoke.
When the old man is busy with some of the others of the group she takes that opportunity to carefully examine the interior of the hut. Various native artifacts line the walls, but when her eye catches a couple of shrunken heads dangling from the roof, her heart nearly stops as she identifies one of the heads as one of the passengers she lost due to him not being buckled into his seat when they crashed.
To wipe the image from her mind, Isabel quickly grabs hold of the pipe and inhales deeply. The smoke takes efect almost immediately and she nearly passes out.Old man: Very good.

Act I, scene v - Doubt (flashback)

Madeline, Richard

Jennifer just ran into the bushes following the little boy.
Madeline: Let's follow him, he'll know a way into the habited world!
Richard: Good idea and he brought food, and I'm starting to feel quite hungry
Vicky: (crying) But what if they want to make me prisoner again?! Last time you weren't there for me
Madeline: I freaked out, I couldn't help it. I'm soo sorry and it will never happen again, I swear!
Madeline and Vicky hug, as if they hadn't seen each other for ages. Vicky: But I'm soo uncertain about what might happen
Madeline: Don't worry, I'm here for you

Act I, scene vi - What's up Richard

Richard, Eduardo

Richard is entertaining some of the kids of the village. He folds a small paper plane which he flies into the fire.
Cheering from behind the hut
Richard walks around the hut and reaches a group surrounding Eduardo. Richard: What's going on here?
Eduardo: She was annoying me, and I might've hit her a bit. Then I comforted her and all of a sudden they all appeared and were cheering and all. I think we should leave now.
Natives: Yelling and chanting.
The natives are dancing around Richard and Eduardo. Eduardo tries to get out of the circle of natives and pushes the girl away.
Richard does his bodyguard thing and manages to move Eduardo away from the crowd.
The girl falls to the ground on her knees and starts crying again. Eduardo looks at her guiltily.

Act II, scene i - A guide home

Carlos, Jennifer, Madeline

The pipe keeps going round and round from the old man to the group and back. Jennifer keeps on passing it along without smoking Carlos: How do we get out of the jungle?
Old man: Incomprehensable gibberish
Jennifer: (loud) You know road out jungle?
Old man: Smoke more, you want to people like you?
Jennifer nods Old man: Walk for two suns in that direction
Carlos: Can we get someone to guide us out of the jungle?
The old man starts walking out of the hut nodding at Carlos.Old man: But before you leave first party, join tribe!

Act II, scene ii - Getting wed?

Eduardo, Jennifer, Richard

The old man is talking to the girl anf then beckons Eduardo. Old man: You want girl tonight
Eduardo: No no no!
Jennifer: (loud) We do not do in our culture
The old man again talks to the girl and grabs Eduardo hand.
Eduardo tries to mime that he is old and Richard is still young and strong
Old man: You insulted granddaughter, we fix tonight

Act II, scene iii - Freaking out

Isabel, Madeline, Richard

Party scene, there's a pig on a spit there which is roasting nicely.
Various women are dragging the group into the party area and start to paint them. They attempt to remove clothes. Richard enters the dancefloor fully painted. He's joined by Madeline and Vicky who are dancing vigorously.
Isabel is a lot more hesitant though and refuses to remove her blouse. She ends up in a somewhat darker area of the party with her arms wrapped around her legs.

Act II, scene iv - Party

Madeline, Jennifer, Carlos

A lot of people are dancing and drinking, especially Madeline. She's adored by the natives. Then she leaves the dancefloor to join Jennifer for a moment. Jennifer: Everything alright?
Madeline: Super, we're finally getting out of this jungle in a couple of days
Jennifer: Away from this uncivilised jungle-hell indeed
Madeline: But now more partytime, the day after tomorrow we'll be on our way home

Act II, scene v - Party more

Richard, Madeline, Carlos

Richard is busy partying Carlos: Where's Madeline?
Madeline can be seen in the background dancing around the campfire and then slumping to the ground.
Richard runs towards her, but before he can reach her, the natives already dragged her of to a hut.
Richard sneakilly follows them. After the natives are gone again, he enter the hut and lies down beside the bed where Madeline is lying passed out.

Act II, scene vi - Leaving (next day)

Jennifer, Eduardo, Madeline, Carlos, Isabel, Richard

The natives say their farewells as the group leaves the village. After a long walk their guide points to the edge of the forest.Native: Whirrrrrrrrr....
Richard mimes a chainsaw. The native guide nods.
Jennifer takes a few steps towards the forest edge and sees human figures on the horizon.
(SFX) Chainsaw whirring
Jennifer: Finally, let's quickly go there
Group: Yes, finally!
Carlos, Isabel, Madeline and Richard run ahead 

Epilogue - The habited world

Camera zooms out, on one side a few shapes emerge from the forest edge running into the open area. On the other side, jeeps, a helicopter and barracks can be seen.

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