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Session 6 (Madeline)

s01e06: Escape

Broadcast on July 17th, 2016

Spotlight character: Carlos


two men in army uniforms in the cockpit of a modern helicopter. indistinct chatter over radio
three attack helicopters fly over Brazilian jungle. stern voices over radio
Commotion in the jungle camp. An alarm sounds

Act I, scene i

Carlos, Madeline, Richard, Isabel, Vicky

Video Audio
The group is running away. Helicopter rotors are coming closer
The camp boss steps outside and starts screaming orders. He enters a pick-up.
The group tries to open the barracks that hold Jennifer. This doesn't work out and Carlos gets frustrated and reckless.
Suddenly shots are fired at the group but they reach cover before anybody being hit.

Act I, scene ii


Video Audio
Eduardo flies above the camp in his (small) stolen helicopter. He sees the chaos below at a comfortable distance, but suddenly shots are fired at him.
(POV shot) three Hind attack choppers bear down on him, shooting.
He manoevers his helicopter into safey and aims a shot. Just when he presses a red button, he sees that the choppers bear signs that identify them as Brazilian military. He, however, keeps it together and justifies his attack as a kill-or-be-killed action.

Act I, scene iii

Richard, Madeline, Carlos, Isabel, Vicky and Jennifer

Video Audio
The group walks into the barrack. Jennifer sits there behind a table.
Two guards with machineguns appear in the door opening.
Carlos creates a hole in the wall while Richard provides cover by shooting with a gun he's found.
Carlos is stressed out and loses his composure, while Richard's cover fire seems inadequate. He causes a big fire by throwing something on the ground that ignites.
The members of the group are struck by wooden splinters and glass, but can exit the barracks before they explode.
Roaring fire, big explosions

Act I, scene iv

Jennifer + rest

Video Audio
The group searches for Eduardo while a big firefight between the personnel of the camp and the military occurs. Both sides take casualties. One of the Hind has crashed further away, while the two others perform strafing fly-bys. Yelling and screaming, frantic shooting, helicopters flying over
Suddenly the small helicopter screams across the group and in a flash the group recognizes Eduardo behind the joystick. "It's him! It's Eduardo!"
"How did he get a chopper?!"
Jennifer wants to attract his attention but the rest pull her along into a Jeep. The car successfully reaches the jungle where the group waits for their friend.

Act I, scene v

Madeline + rest

Video Audio
Madeline finds some sort of gun in the back of the Jeep and shoots it at one of the Hinds. That certainly attracts the pilot's attention and comes in low, aiming for the car. Carlos abruptly accelerates, trying to get away from its path. Madeline can't keep her balance and almost falls out of the car. Richard can barely pull her inside. "Filho da puta! You bastardo!"


Eduardo's chopper has been hit during the dogfight. He can safely land it in the jungle and minutes later the group's car arrives to pick him up.

Act II, scene i

Carlos + rest

Video Audio
While the group drives through the jungle in their Jeep, the camp boss tries to overtake them in his pick-up truck. Carlos blocks him though. Richard jumps out of the car and aims a gun at the boss.
Not fazed by this, the boss picks up a shotgun and gets out as well.
This leaves him open to an attack by Carlos, using his axe. With a loud yell he smashes the shotgun out of the boss's hands.
"This is for my nephew!"
A shot rings through the forest.

Act II, scene ii

Eduardo + rest

Video Audio
The group gets into the pick-up truck as their Jeep has been smashed. After a while they come at a river, with a iron / wooden bridge across. It's very narrow and rickety. The group (apart from Carlos) get out of the car and cross the bridge. Then Eduardo helps Carlos crossing the bridge by giving direction. Unfortunately one of the boards breaks, leaving the car stuck and the doors hard to open.


Video Audio
That evening, at a makeshift campfire, the group realizes that although they escaped, they have no provisions and no idea where they are.
The next day, back at the camp, smoke clouds still billow from the buildings. Dead bodies are scattered all over the place. Flies buzzing, a dog barks in the distance.

Act II, scene iii

Richard, Carlos, Eduardo

Video Audio
Richard is exploring the remains of the camp. He finds a radio and Eduardo tries to get it working.
The group finds one of the Hind pilots, barely alive. Isabel examines him and says that he won't make it, but he's in a lot of pain. Carlos silently gives his axe to Richard.
Richard, however, wants a more humane solution. He suffocates the pilot by choking him. (Close-up of tear in Richard's eye.)
Richard also finds a photo on the pilot's dead body. The photograph shows the pilot, a pretty young woman and small kid. (Close-up on the photograph and a name-tag.)
Heavy breathing, suffocation, silence.

Act II, scene iv

Jennifer, Eduardo

Video Audio
Jennifer and Eduardo are in an office-like room in one of the barracks. Papers are scattered about. They find a list of radio frequencies, one of them of Jennifer's client.
They try to contact him. A gruff voice responds and asks for a code. He claims to be the client. Jennifer challenges this as she knows he's detained in Miami.
Voice: "What kind of tattoo di I have on my left arm?"
Jennifer: "You don't have a tattoo on your left arm. You have an eagle on your right arm, though.
Voice: "OK. We're coming to get you! Over and out!"

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