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Session 5 (Isabel)

s01e05: The one where Jennifer gets a new client

Broadcast on July 10th, 2016

Spotlight character: Jennifer

Prologue - Hidden camp

Jennifer, Eduardo, Madeline, Carlos, Isabel, Richard

Barracks, a helicopter is moved to a hangar. People, some armed, are walking around through the camp. The jungle surrounds the area.
The group hasn't been noticed yet. Eduardo and Jennifer are staying behind the rest just a little.
(SFX) Whirring noise of a diesel generator

Act I, scene i - Take us to your leader

Jennifer, Eduardo, Madeline, Carlos, Isabel, Richard

Jennifer and Eduardo catch up with the rest as they ebnter the area inbetween the barracks. She approaches one of the patrolling people. As they notice the group they aim their guns and come running toward them. Jennifer holds up her hands in a peacefull manner.Jennifer: We recently crashed and we are looking for a way out of the jungle. Please help us.
Carlos: Recentemente, caiu e estamos à procura de uma maneira de sair da selva. Por favor nos ajude.
The armed guys are clearly not happy to see strangers in their camp and they hold the team at gunpoint.
They overpower the group and drag them to one of the barracks.
Carlos: Leve-nos ao seu líder.

Act I, scene ii - Held prisoner

Carlos, Jennifer, Madeline

Take us to your leader
Carlos, Jennifer and Madeline are together in a room with a locked door. They don't know where the others have been brought. Jennifer: I think this is just a matter of some miscommunciation, everything will be alright.
Madeline: How can you be sure of that?
Carlos is knocking on the door.(SFX) Bonk Bonk
Carlos: (Portugese) Guard! Open this door!
Madeline: (Portugese) Hellooooo!
The door opens. Carlos: (Portugese) This must be a big misunderstanding, we won't hurt anyone, we're just lost.
Guard: (Portugese) Calm down! Somebody will come and get you shortly.
Carlos: (Portugese) We want to talk to someone.
Jennifer: Yes, talk to someone in charge.
The guard smirks evilly and grabs Madeline's arm Guard: (Portugese) Ok, let's "talk".
Jennifer and Carlos hold on to Madeline. Madeline: (Portugese) It doesn't have to be like this, let's all be friends.

Act I, scene iii - (flashback) That one night

Madeline, Richard

Madeline wakes up with a massive headache and a dry mouth.
Richard is lying beside her on the floor snoring. Vicky is lying next to him on the floor.
Madeline gathers her cloths and gets dressed.
Madeline: Richard, OMG...
Zoom out, focus on Vicky.Madeline: Oh no!
Madeline prods Richard until he starts to wake up Richard: Good morning, feeling better?
Madeline: Sure, apart from the hangover. Did we....?
Richard: Noooo, nothing happened. You ended up almost in the campfire. It even singed your hair.
Madeline: What's Vicky doing here? Did you two...
Richard: No idea why she's here. I was just making sure you didn't get hurt, I don't know how she ended up here.
Vicky: Shush, too much noise! What's up honey?
Madeline: And how did you end up here?
Richard: (moans) What a crappy hotel, these floors are way too hard to sleep on.
Madeline: Richard brought me here.
Vicky winks Vicky: Ah yeah, Richard!
Richard: Leave me out of this, I've just been here sleeping.
Vicky: (giggles) Yes, sleeping.
Madeline: Just glad you haven't been making out with him, we had a deal right?!

Act I, scene iv - Negotiations part I

Richard, Madeline, Jennifer


Act I, scene v - Negotiations part II

Isabel, Richard, Jennifer, Carlos


Act I, scene vi - Escaping



Jungle brawl

More guards come charging in through the door through which Eduardo just escaped. They help overpower Richard and Isabel. They're dragged off and locked away.

Act II, scene i - Negotiations part III

Jennifer, Madeline, Carlos


Act II, scene ii - No deal?!

Carlos, Madeline, Richard, Isabel


Act II, scene iii - Separating the group

Richard, Carlos, Isabel


Act II, scene iv - A manner of escape?



Act II, scene v - Held captive



Act II, scene vi - In search of Madeline

Carlos, Isabel, Richard


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