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Session 7 (Madeline)

s01e07: Back to Civilization

Broadcast on July 24th, 2016

Spotlight character: Richard

Prologue - Half a day later

Video Audio
Three big, black all-terrain cars arrive at the camp. From each car, two Latin-American exit. They're reasonably well-dressed, wear sunglasses, and could be familiy, so similar they are in poise.

Act I, scene i

Richard, Jennifer, Carlos

Video Audio
We all enter the cars. Richard, Jennifer and Carlos are in one, Madeline and Vicky in the second, and Eduardo and Carlos in the other. The doors are closed and are locked. There are plexiglass divisors between the front- and backseats. Through it, the passengers hear the men in black talk, in Spanish.

Act I, scene ii

Jennifer, Carlos, Richard

Video Audio
After driving for a considerable time, the cars turn onto a hardened road. Jennifer tries to get as much possible from the men in black as possible, using her lawyer skills. Apparently it's a four-hour drive to the airport, and the group is "near" Boavista, whatever that is. Jennifer: "Who is going to help us?"
Man in black: "We are? And our boss, Pablo Gallante."
Jennifer: "Who is he?"
Man in black: "He's a business partner to Jorge."
Jennifer keeps on asking things and trying to let the drivers slip up. They're getting vexed. "In three hours we're at the border and after that it's only a short while! Now shut up!"

Act I, scene iii

Madeline, Vicky, Isabel

Video Audio
After a small stop, some of the passenger switch places and the New York girls invite the flight attendant into their "ride". Apart from the usual girl's stuff, they idly remark that this whole "rescue" is pretty shady. "Yeah, it's pretty weird. We're locked in our car and they're not telling us anything."
"Who are these people, anyway?"
"So Jennifer said they said, like, we're going to cross a border."
"What countries are next to Brazil?"
"Columbia, right?"
"That makes sense! They're big at drugs production, I saw that on Narcos, and these men in black are probably drug smugglers as well."

Act I, scene iv

Eduardo, rest

Video Audio
The three-car caravan crosses the border into Venezuela. After some time they drive into a small village and pull over in front of a small hotel named El Hotel Anaconda. It's pretty luxurious, especially after weeks in the jungle.
Eduardo searches for a phone and finds one. All calls abroad, however, are blocked and he instead has to talk to the receptionist. He can't convince her to let him call to his wife in Brazil.
Eduardo: "Can you please let me talk to my wife? She lives in Rio, in Brazil, and she probably thinks I'm dead!"

Act I, scene v

Carlos, Richard

Video Audio
Carlos and Richard start searching for an internet cafe or something similar. They find one and Carlos successfully persuades the clerk to let him make a Skype call to his wife. Carlos: "Yes love, I'm alive! I'm in Venezuela, in a town called... What is the name of this town, sir?"
Clerk: "Santa Helena Duare, sir."
Carlos: "I'm in Santa Helena Duare, but I'm doing all I can to get back to you and our girl. Nothing will stop me!"

Act I, scene vi

Isabel, Madeline, Vicky

Video Audio
After cleaning up, the girls go into the village and try to shop for new, sensible clothes. Santa Helena Duare appears to be a pretty busy town, with many trucks entering and leaving.
The girls succeed in getting some new clothes but after the first shop their credit card is blocked. Apparently the bank flagged it for being used in a strange place.
Madeline: "What do you mean my card doesn't work?!"


Video Audio
While the group spends time in the village, they're being followed by men in black. Richard notices this after a while. Richard: "Hey Isabel? Don't look back. Use the shop window as a mirror to look behind us. Isn't that one of our 'rescuers'?"

Act II, scene i

Richard, Jennifer

Video Audio
A car draws up in front of the hotel. A woman in a suit exits the car, followed by two men in black. Inside the hotel, she introduces herself as Manuela to Jennifer and Richard, but does not share for whom she speaks. She inquires after the events that happened in the jungle camp. She really wants to know what happened to the boss.
Jennifer pretends that the boss died in the chaos. Unfortunately, Richard's bluff doesn't hold up during further questioning and has to confess that we killed him.

Act II, scene ii

Jennifer, Eduardo

Video Audio
Jennifer notices that Manuela wears a pin with the Venezuelan flag. She puts more and more pressure on Manuela, but the Venezuelan woman doesn't flinch. Jennifer is getting bitchy.
Manuela, however, says something in Spanish to one of her subordinates, that Eduardo manages to overhear.
Manuela: "Vamos a volver al edificio del gobierno."

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