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Session 5 (Madeline)

s01e05: Saved?

Broadcast on July 10th, 2016

Spotlight character: Jennifer

Prologue - Camp overview

Jennifer, Eduardo, Madeline, Carlos, Isabel, Richard

Fly-over of the jungle camp. Open spot in the jungle vegetation. Various modern buildings like barracks, multiple vehicles (mostly trucks), at least one helicopter.
The people are Latino's, not natives. They wear all kinds of clothes, some of them resembling uniforms.

Act I, scene i

Jennifer + rest

The group walks to the buildings. There's commotion amongst the Brazilians, some of them draw weapons. Jennifer tries to persuade Carlos to translate from Portuguese, but fails. The group is grabbed and dragged into barracks.

Act I, scene ii

Carlos, Jennifer, Madeline

The trio is in some sort of holding cel. They try to talk to a guard and learn about the situation, but the guard isn't forthcoming. He Bullies and tries to drag Madeline away. Carlos tries to stop this and is succesful.

Act I, scene iii

Madeline, Richard, Vicky

In a flashback scene to the morning after the party in the native village, Madeline wakes up with a hangover. (Focus on singed hair.) She finds Richard next to her, and wonders out loud whether they slept together. Richard assures her this isn't the case, he just slept next to her to protect her. Madeline is weirded out by this. Then she notices Vicky next to Richard and wakes her up. Vicky thinks she's in a (bad) hotel, while Madeline wonders out loud whether Vicky had sex with Richard? Vicky denies this and Madeline trusts her in this. (If Richard pays attention to the dialogue he can pick up that the girls decided to "give" him to Madeline.)

Act I, scene iv

Richard + rest, small room, camp boss + some guards

Video Audio
(Throughout the scene, Carlos and Madeline translate.) The camp boss wants to separate the women from the group. Jennifer tries to convince him that it's a misunderstanding and that the group is harmless. Jennifer: "This is all just a misunderstanding, there's no need for all of this. We recently crashed in the jungle, haven't you seen this on the news?"
Boss: "What news? I'm in the middle of the jungle, what do I care about the news?"
The boss laughs at this, after which Richard attacks a guard.

Act I, scene v

Isabel, Carlos, Richard, Jennifer

Richard aims a gun at a guard. Jennifer tries to convince the boss. Richard wrestles with the first guard, while Isabel plants her knee in the family jewels of a second guard and retrieves his gun.

Act I, scene vi


Eduardo slips away during the commotion and ends up just outside the hut. He briefly doubts whether he should flee or to try and help his crew and passengers, but decides upon the former.


The group's "uprising" nearly succeeds but when reinforcements arrive they're subdued.

Act II, scene i

Jennifer, boss

Video Audio
Jennifer desperately tries to convince the boss that she (and by extension the rest of the group) is useful for him. Jennifer: "I can help you.I'm defending one of your colleagues. What do you think will happen when he finds out you delayed or took away his one chance at acquittal? Help me get back to the civilised world and I'll put in a good word for you."
She's successful in this endeavour. She recounts details and particulars that can only be known by a confidante of the crime lord. The boss (criminal? drug lord?) is swayed by her arguments. Boss: "You seem to know your stuff, and seem to be who you claim to be."

Act II, scene ii

Carlos, Madeline, Richard, Isabel

Jennifer's actions trigger memories for the gentle Carlos. (Flashback.) His nephew was killed in drugs-related violence. The details Jennifer mentioned make him realise it's this camp's boss responsibility. The others try to calm Carlos down, that it's just a strategy from Jennifer to get us away and that she has no intention of really helping.

Act II, scene iii

Richard, Madeline

Madeline is "summoned" without any explanation, against her will. Richard wants to intervene and forces open the door. He's just able to see Madeline being dragged away before he's hit by a Jeep.

Act II, scene iv


Video Audio
Eduardo finds the helicoptor in a hangar. He succeeds in starting the engine and lifting off. SFX: (helicopter lifting off)

Act II, scene v


Video Audio
Madeline is thrown in a new room. It's pretty clean and neat which temporarily lifts her hopes, but the guard only says "the boss will be with you soon." This terrifies her and she begs the guard to help her. She managesto recover her wits enough to start manipulating the guard. He tells her that he's not a bad person but that he has little choice, he has to cooperate with the boss because of his family. Madeline: "Please help me! What's your name?"
Guard: "I'm Ricardo, but I can't help you!"
Madeline: "Dear Ricardo, what's the matter? Surely you're better than this."

Act II, scene vi

Isabel, Carlos

Isabel and Carlos chance upon Richard, who is recovering from the collision. They bring him to the building they think Madeline is in. Carlos opens the door. Inside there's only a hole with a ladder, going down. Isabel involuntarily lets Richard slip, and he falls down the hole. Isabel, guiltily, gets all fussy with him even though they're in a hurry. Later on they encounter Madeline, who has wrapped Ricardo around her finger.

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