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Session 3 (Isabel)

s01e03: The Dark Temple

Broadcast on June 26th, 2016

Spotlight character: Isabel

Act I, scene i - Exploring

Carlos, Eduardo, Isabel, Richard

Open area in the jungle, large burned circle. Four bamboo platforms 10 by 10 feet each positioned around the circle. An animal track leads away from the open areaRichard: Shall we investigate where that track leads to?
The party walks into a big stone wall with no way around it.
There's a portal with a large stone blocking our way.
Eduardo flexes his muscles and with all his might he manages to shift the stone aside, opening up the portal into a dark room. 

Act I, scene ii - A temple

Eduardo, Isabel, Jennifer

Inside, it's very dark. Jennifer uses her iPhone light to see something at least. An altar is in the middle of the room. Symbols are covering the walls.
Eduardo trips over a skeleton sitting against the wall. It's got a big headdress.
Edurdo tries to stand up, but slips and ends up in between a stack of human bones.
It looks like the skeleton was positioned here.
(SFX)Eerie music

Act I, scene iii - Start of the crash (flashback)

Isabel, Richard, Carlos

Isabel is handing out drinks when the plane all of a sudden banks. She ends up in Richard's arms who's looking for Mimi who has just escaped her dog-basket. She blushes.Isabel: Sorry about that
She returns to her cart.Carlos: can I get a coffee?
Isabel: Not right know, I think you'd better fasten your seatbelt!
Isabel stows away the cart and heads back to the front of the plane.Richard (over the intercom): Everybody get back to your seats, and fasten your seatbelts. We're experiencing minor difficulties.
Isabel tries to help a big guy who fell out of his chair when all of a sudden the plane tilts and banks even more sending her flying and knocking her out.
When she regains consciousness the big guy is gone!
(SFX) Explosion, alarm noises

Act I, scene iv - The Dark Temple - I

Jennifer, Eduardo, Madeline

The party is searching the altar room.Eduardo: I want to get out of here, can we go northwest?
Jennifer steps on a small tile which drops half an inch into the floor.(SFX) CLICK, rumbling noise
Jennifer: Dit you hear that too!? What should I do?
jennifer puts her bag with all her casefiles on the stone and steps off the tile.
Everybody runs out.

Act I, scene v - The Dark Temple - II

Carlos, Richard, Isabel

The group also start running for the exit, but they end up facing an almost closed door.(SFX) Yells coming from the hallway
Carlos starts to wedge stuff in between the doorframe and the stone.
Isabel and Richard go out. Richard tries to keep the stone iin place so carlos can also escape.
Carlos: Help me hold this door so everybody can escape!
Carlos crawls through the narrow opening and gets his steel-toed boot stuck in between the doorframe and the stone. By cutting up his shoe, he manages to get away.(SFX) Noise of the stone sliding into place

Act I, scene vi - Animal track

Madeline, Isabel, Vicky

A native with loincloth appears from the bushes. The group makes a run for the open area.
When they look around they see the native aiming his blowpipe. A few seconds later, Vicky slumps to the ground, hit by a dart.
(SFX) Jungle sounds
Madeline continues to run away, completely freaked out. Looking back Isabel sees the native bend over Vicky. 

Act II, scene i - Rescueing Vicky

Isabel, Richard, Carlos

Not willing to lose another passenger, Isabel organises a rescue party. They follow the dragmarks which were left by the native as he took Vicky with him.
In the village she can be seen tied up to a pole in the middle of several huts.
Isabel: We'll wait until nightfall then Carlos can make a fire on the opposite side of the village to create a diversion. Meanwhile Richard and me wil sneak in and free Vicky.
The fire does indeed create some chaois in the village. Richard and Isabel free Vicky from the Pole.
A small native boy grabs Richards leg. He throws away his keychain to distract the boy, which works. Isabel makes a run for the jungle edge, while dragging Vicky along.
Isabel: Come on Vicky, hold on to me, we need to get away from this!

Act II, scene ii - All together again

Richard, Carlos, Jennifer, Isabel

After a while stumbling throught he jungle Isabel and Vicky end up at a stream. Carlos, Richard and jennifer also turn up over there.
Jennifer has just encountered two native women doing their laundry in the stream.
Jennifer, Carlos, Richard: Vicky! How are you doing? Everything alright?
Vicky: Yeah a bit, just a little drowsy.
The party wants to leave for the open area in the jungle, but the women indicate they should join them to come to the village. 

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