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Session 3 (Vhadeen)


Played on April 13, 2008
In the words of guardsman Vhadeen

54.23.M41 - One more day..

So.. They finally gave us a message. And what did it say? We had to wait another day before we would get our briefing. We were ready, we were waiting there for 3 days, why not call us when we were needed and then we could come immediately. Bah. I wasn't made for the subterfuge game, I still ain't and I probably never will. But let's just skip this waiting game and let's talk about the next day.

55.23.M41 -

We went to some lift in some uninteresting part of the Hive. Intrige from the start as we were given no contact and no exact thing what to do. Well if something like that didn't give us an idea of the mission we were supposed to going to do what would? Scarlet was already there in her traverling gypsy or some such guise. She quite tactfully nodded us in the direction of an alley with the lift and followed us to the lift when we were all there. It surprisingly went down instead of up and made me hobble for balance a bit. Quickly looking around no one was watching, but the rest was occupied with some servitor and the surroundings.
The lift led us down to a hallway with lamps that were only turned on where we were. Both Scarlet and Arquis were actually playing with the lamps, I can remember that, they were lamps for the Emperor's sake! The hallway brought us to a door and behind that a small room with a mirror wall on the opposite side. All but Scarlet moved inside for our meeting, she stayed in the door at first, but moved inside quickly when the door started to close.
After we were all inside and the door was closed the mirror started to change to a glass wall with what most would say was a horrific view. A man in a white coat with a larger red overcoat covering it. I stood a little more straight when he introduced himself as an Inquisitor. He told us a boring story about the dead man that was hanging on a rack. And we were needed to investigate and solve the problem of heretic grafts. I knew it was heresy and it would have to be thwarted, but these missions were mostly the boring ones. Ah well I waited till he was done and we could leave again. He provided us with some access cards and some equipment. Nice, always good to have access to places I guess.. I think I still have that card lying around somewhere, not that I was planning on going back there, but a nice reminder of a mission I guess.

After that we went on a four hour trip to the guys appartment where we would meet his sister. Four hours of discussion what would be our best cover and our best way to convince her to tell us what we wanted. My plan was quickly set to plan C as Arquis ofcourse wanted to try it the nice way first. Some plan about we being from his company that fired him and wanted him back or some crap. Ah well, they could have their fun if they wanted. When we arrived I stayed in the hallway watching our way out, ready for any surprises. When we entered the building and went up through the stairwell I got a bad vibe about this place and prepared myself for anything.
And I guessed plan A failed horribly as the woman came running and screaming from the room. I verified with Arquis if there was still a shot at plan C and if I should stop her, but that wasn't needed and I guessed they got some information out of her after all. That didn't seem to be too much after all, ah well, we had more clues to go on, didn't we?

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