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Session 4 (Ravian)

Motel Coscarla

Played on April 20th, 2008
As recalled by Ravian

55.23.M41 Ė Coscarla

After having investigated Solís apartment, we decide to pay a visit to warden Locan. Letís see if heís got more info to spill than Solís sister.

We take the shortest route through the market, heading towards a large plaza. Two enforcers patrol the market looking menacing, threatening the salespeople. Better not annoy them to avoid conflict.
Once we reach the plaza, we notice itís dominated by a huge 50 meter statue of a headless gryphon. There we decide on which cover to use when attempting to get into Locanís office. Itís decided weíll use our provided badges stating weíre from Coblast Assay, looking for Sol as he still owes us money for his prosthetic leg.

I run ahead of the rest towards the back of the building and try to determine how many men are inside. It turns out thereís only about 12, so nothing to really worry about. I report this number to the rest of the team via the com-bead. After a short while the number of people inside grows, probably due to them entering.
I walk back to the front of the eightsided building, where I join Vhadeen who has unsuccessfully tried to get acquainted with the two enforcers guarding the door. Not much later, the two enforcers, we also saw at the market, join the guards and after a brief moment they come walking towards us. They tell us to get lost, but after some persuasion at gunpoint they back of. I put my gun away and stride of, to wait for Scarlet and Arquis to return from their visit to the warden.

When they both return, Zuka and Novus also again join us and we head for the only sleeping facility in the area a bit northeast from the plaza. When at the plaza, after making sure no oneís eavesdropping, we discuss what happened in the office.

After a while we start heading for the motel. All of a sudden I notice some lights moving along the top of a building. Not wanting to get shot I run for cover and trip over and hurt myself when doing so. The lights seem to disappear and very carefully we move along.

We arrive at the motel. And after some knocking, and then some more knocking, we finally hear some low grunting mumbling noise coming from inside. A rancid sweaty guy unbolts the door and opens it, asking what weíre up to this time of night.

We explain we need a place to sleep and this seemed to be the best option. We learn lodging here is dirt cheap, might be caused by all the dirt lying around, but as this seems to be not just the best but the only option to get a decent nightís sleep I pay and am allowed inside. Some weird looking women hands me a key-card and points towards the elevator. Luckily thereís a flight of stairs right beside it. Upstairs I unlock one of the twelve doors and head in to discover a moist and moldy room and old bed standing in one corner.

Wrapped in my cloak I try to get some sleep.

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