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Session 4 (Zuka)

Warden Locan

Played on April 20th, 2008
As told by Zuka

23.M41 Day 55

Saul's sister is gone, and nothing more is found in Saul's room. We decide that we should pay warden Locan a visit. Scarlet has quickly located his residence on the map.

While heading there, we go through the market. A lot of people are there, and we see two enforcers patrolling. Somehow they look like they do this job for the first time, and are just looking for trouble. Vhadeen agrees with me. Scarlet stays a little behind us for some reason. After the market we reach a huge plaza, with a very big statue on it. Some think it was a gryphon once, but its days of glory are over. From here we can see warden Locan's residence, so it's time to make up a plan.

Arquis and Scarlet will go in and talk to him, Vhadeen will stay outside to guard the entrance, Ravian and Novus go to the back of the building, and i shall take a spot in the train station. That will give me a nice clear view of the front entrance.

On my way to the station, Ravian tells us that there are 12 people inside. At the train station there aren't many people, so i can easily sneak in unnoticed. After taking some stairs, breaking open some doors, and trying to find the right direction the quite dark hallways, i finally get to a window on the first floor. From there i see Vhadeen waiting outside. I put together my long las and scan the area. If things go bad, i could probably shoot down that power cable, so the building would go dark. But for now things seem quiet. I test my bead, and it seems they hear me, but there's a lot of noise on it. Meanwhile Vhadeem is doing something with a bottle of liquir, but the guards don't seem interested.

Then Ravian joins Vhadeem on the waiting. Not much later the two enforcers that we saw on the market arrive at the building. They walk towards Vhadeen, and within a second Vhadeen has his gun pointed right at one of the guards' head. At that moment i already have the other guard in my visor and i activate the red laser dot. Now focus and wait till something happene. But it seems Vhadeen can calm the guards down, and they walk back while Vhadeen and Ravian take some more distance from the guards.

When i see Arquis and Scarlet come outside again, it decide to go down again and join the rest. They've found out that there is a place to sleep nearby, so we go there. Meanwhile all the lights here have gone out.

When we are halfway, i suddenly see 2 lights moving on the top of a building. Snipers! I quickly jump for cover and keep my eye on where i saw the lights. A few moments later i see them again. It looks like the lights move together. Then they disappear again. Since the rest of the group is continuing, i follow them on a little distance.

Then we arrive at the hotel, if you can call it that way. A guy opens the door, and after Arquis paid him, we can go in. It seems it isn't expensive, but it also is very dirty, and there are a lot of moulds. Inside there is a strange looking woman that gives us the cards that let us enter our rooms. I go upstairs and open the door. There is a bed, if you can call it that way. I put down my cloak on it, and quickly fall asleep...

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