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Session 4 (Scarlet)


Played on April 20th, 2008
As told in the voice of Scarlet

23.M41 Day 55

Lili had left the building. We quickly finished investigating Saul's appartment without finding anything useful. We then debated where to go next. It was decided that a visit to Warden Locan should be possible before nightfall. I put up a map of the Coscarla district and we plotted a route to the police station. Across the small cul de sac with the cafe in the center, turn right to the market and cross the big plaza.

Although the siren of the factories, issuing the late shift had already been heard, the market was still bustling with people trying to get rid of all sorts of merchandise behind the makeshift stalls, and lots of others scrounging between the goods displayed, trying to find a bargain. Suddenly, the crowd was stirred by something or someone a bit further away. A couple of rough individuals came into view and most people obviously made an effort to stay out of their way. They made no effort to hide the fact that they were the local law, and were willing and able to enforce it. Enforcers. I tried to get near enough to them to overhear some of their conversation, but the background noise was too loud to overhear anything particularly interesting. We proceeded onto the main Coscarla plaza.

An immense and no doubt once magnificent statue of a griffon dominated the plaza standing way over 100 feet tall. The head had broken off some time in the past though, and the time had not been kind, eroding the statue's surface so that it now looked like nothing more than a massive strangely shaped piece of rock. Crossing the plaza, we briefly stopped at the statue's base to discuss tactics. Thank god, I would not have liked running headfirst into there the same way we did with the church.
The police station loomed up at the far side of the plaza. It's three stories bathed in light, making it stand out particularly well in its ever darkening surroundings. The building looks like it was built to withstand an assault by almost anything. The door was enormous and it was flanked by two more enforcers. We decided to post Zuka inside the nearby station for sniper support, Novus and Vhadeen would stay near the statue, Ravian would scout out the back, and me and Arquis would go in to try and speak with Locan.

We approached the building. Our story would be that we were two employees of the Coblast Assay and were trying to locate one Saul Arbest because he still owed us money for the replacement of his lost leg. Supported by our Cognomen, the enforcers at the door bought our story and let us in. The other people in there, a total of 12 Ravian had pointed out to us, showed us to Locan's office. I tried using our communicator beads inside of the station, but the amount of static noise was eardrum piercing. It looked like we were totally dependent on our hand-voxes for communication and using them here would be kind of suspicious to say the least.

Warden Locan turned out to be a disinterested and lazy officer, most likely regularly using doses of the drugs he confiscated in his area on himself. Personal hygiene also wasn't high on his list of priorities by the looks of his hair, face and uniform. Arquis did his best acting to try and convince the warden to hand over any information on Saul, but he was extremely reluctant to cooperate and to tell the truth, he really started to piss me off. Not willing to blow our cover, I merely occupied myself with surveying the room and helping Arquis as his 'secretary' filling in occasional details. The only striking detail I found was a paper with a strange looking logo lying on his desk. It was a cross of two torches with a scarab in front, accompanied by the text: "Remember to seal off arterior exit every night cycle." I recall no memory of this logo, but note it down just in case. After some useless persuasion in the direction of the warden, we decide to give up and call it a night. We leave the building quite desillusioned.

Outside, we hear from Vhadeen that they had some small quarrel with a number of the enforcers, but they handled it suprisingly well since no dead bodies were lying on the floor near them. We share our findings with the Vhadeen, Ravian, Novus and Zuka, who had returned from his sniper hideout. Zuka tells me he has seen the scarab logo before, very recently, but can't recall exactly where. Maybe a good night's sleep will help. As we reach the Coscarla hostel, we quickly find out that a GOOD night's sleep won't belong to the possibilities. Both the owner of the hostel and his wife make Locan look like a fashion model who bathes three times a day. The woman even sports a severly mangled right hand. Trying no to gag, we each receive a key to an upstairs room. Novus and I discuss the disfigurement of the woman on the way up, trying our best not to notice the mold on the wall and the floor which is covered in indescribable filth. The long day has taken its toll however and once I enter my room, I barely notice the instability of the bed before I land on it and fall asleep.

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