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Session 5 (Ravian)

Don't run...

Played on April 27th, 2008
As recalled by Ravian

55.23.M41 Ė Motel Coscarla

Halfway through the night Iím rudely awakened by someone jumping on top of me pinning me down while stabbing with a knife. Damn, that hurts a lot! The others seem to have company as well, as I hear heavy gunfire going on. I empty my gun on my opponent, but to no avail. Judging from the screams emanating from the hallway, my teammates are more successful in disposing of the attackers.

Eventually my attacker jumps up and tries to get away, after some failed attempts to knock him down and holding him there, he gets out of the room and bolts down the flight of stairs.
I pursue him out onto the street and using my abilities, track him and a friend of his onto the market area. There I am able to catch up with one. But after some more tackles, struggling and falling over he ultimately really gets away from me.

I decide to head back to the motel to explain to the team what happened, when I spot the red lights again at the top of the building. I try to remain concealed against the side of the building, thus heading back towards the entrance. There I tell the rest about my failed pursuit and the lights I spotted, which are now gone.

Back inside, Scarlet is tying up one of our attackers who got knocked unconscious during the fight. Next she tries to wake him up by slapping him in the face.

Before checking him out, I tend to my own and Scarletís wounds.

When the guy finally wakes up he immediately tries to get away and even succeeds in loosening his bonds. Out of pure frustration and anger about how the other guy got away, I decide to break one of his legs. This isnít going to happen again. I have to use another one of my skills to avoid him losing too much blood, which would render him kinda useless to us.
Arquis starts interrogating him, but he just wonít stop screaming at us. Then Scarlet decides to bitchslap him until he shuts up, this seems to have the desired effect.

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