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Session 5 (Scarlet)


Played on April 27th, 2008
As told in the voice of Scarlet

23.M41 Day 56

Having been alone on a spacestation for all those years, I have developed the talent to sleep very lightly and wake up at the least of disturbances. Some time during the night I noticed just such a disturbance. It sounded like someone was walking cautiously across the hallway. I got out of bed and put my ear against the door to hear the sound more clearly. As I listened however, the door was slammed inwards forcefully breaking both hinges and throwing me backwards. I hit the floor painfully. I scurry back a few more feet, grab my pistol and aim at whoever it is that is trying to ruin my beauty sleep.

A fellow who even in this dump is dressed shabby and has the looks to match enters my room wielding some sort of lead pipe and swinging it in my general direction. I fire off a round catching him square in the stomach and this puts him off balance enough that I get the time to carefully aim my second shot. This one tears right through the femoral artery in his upper thigh. His agonizing howls would have awakened everyone in the building, but by now gunshots and melee sounds were eminating from the other rooms as well, proving that this was no solo operation.

Looking at my assailant, I concluded that he would die from massive bloodloss within a minute, so I decided to see if any of my teammates could use a hand.

The hallway is total carnage. A few rooms down the hall, a living torch stubmles from Zuka's room, no doubt being critically hit by Zuka's las rifle. I watch in fascination as his epidermis is slowly consumed by the flames before he collapses in a heap. One of the attackers is frantically trying to open the door to Novus' room, who has no doubt barricaded it from the inside. I fire off a round into his head and he sags down unconcious. Seconds later Vhadeen emerges from his room, completely infuriorated and literally plasters another attacker all over the wall of the opposite chamber with a burst of fire from his combat shotgun. I half expected him to cackle manicly afterwards, but he quickly adapted his calm stature again.

By now the remainder of the attackers was hauling ass out the building, a few of my teammates in hot pursuit. I decided to follow the rest downstairs, but halfway down the stairs I remembered the unconcious guy and decided to tie him up and bring him down for questioning. Ravian, Vhadeen and Arquis were downstairs too, they had lost the rest of the attackers in the dark of the night. Ravian seemed quite frustrated by that fact, because when our last remaining culprit had regained conciousness and was not inclined to talk, Ravian grabbed his right leg and broke right through the fibula and tibia with a satisfying crack. The man jerked at his ropes screaming in pain and he did not stop when Ravian stopped his bleeding. I decided to step in and slap him in the face a couple of times telling him to Shut. The. Hell. Up. For some reason this seemed to work. Now to get some info out of him as to who and why...

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