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Session 5 (Vhadeen)

Amateur night..

Played on April 27th, 2008
In the words of guardsman Vhadeen

55.23.M41 - Bugger..

Yes I know. I didn't show up yesterday to tell you part of my story. I was busy you know, I have a job and a duty to the Emperor you know. Don't threaten me, you punk youngster. Yes I know who sent you and what powers are behind your questions, I simply don't care too much right now.. You want to hear todays part or not? Good, I thought so, get me something to drink and I'll get started.. Now where was I? Ah yes, I just let that heretic man's sister pass me by in the hallway. The thing where all they got was the name of the local warden and so that was going to be our next stop.
According to Scarlet's map the local station was past the bar, through the market and across a large square. It was actually just next to the tram station on which we arrived earlier. It was in the local market that we first met the local law enforcers. My my what a rubble of idiots that was. We were just passing by some stalls, which were made mostly out of rubble and old torn canvas, when we spotted two obvious amateurs doing their patrols. They were obviously entoxicated in their powertrips and maybe to some other things at the same time, people were avoiding them and the ones that couldn't hardly walk away from their own stalls were acting subserviant and scared. They were absolute beginners, carried their weight wrong, their guns were slung too tight to their body and one was wearing baggy trousers he would surely trip over one of them days. But it didn't matter, them and their friends probably used enough force in the past to make the locals scared. Ah well, every hiveworld has areas like this, and I guess a lot are even worse.
We decided to leave the alone for now, Scarlet did a quick close check to see if they had anything interesting to say, but nothing much was said. Past the market we came upon on of those enormous squares with a huge statue of a bird of somekind, obviously the square had known glory days, but those were long past. We took our time at the statue to come up with a quick plan before we went to the warden to have a friendly chat. I actually almost fucked up there, but I still think we could have taken them if needed. Scarlet and Arquis went inside and I stayed outside to see if the outside guards were in for a friendly chat. My was I wrong, what a bunch of stuck up losers those were. They even tried to force me and Ravian away before Arquis got out again. I made a quick draw for my gun and planted it to one of the guards head. They were pretty darn impressed of that trick and the way Ravian was bulging his muscles at my side made them see their mistake and backed them off. They might have returned with renewed vigor, but we decided it was wise to walk away a bit, just to keep them calm. Good thing Ravian just got back from the other side of the building to join me. He was doing a quick check of how many of them were actually inside of the bunker. No idea how he got the number, but I learned to trust his skills so I took his word for it.
Too bad Arquis and Scarlet didn't get too much info out of the chat with the warden. Not much use getting proper info out of a no good warden with an addiction for the local stuff. Another bloody waste of time that was. Another place that needs some good attention of proper order I guess, but there are far too much of those.
We quickly joined up with the others again, spread what little info we got. Something about a piece of paper with some icon on it, meant nothing to me. Zuka said he recognised it from somehwere, but couldnt say where. But because it was getting dark fast we needed some place to stay the night. Scarlet spotted some kind of crummy hostel on her map so we went there. Bloody mistake that was. No idea what got in my mind, guess I didn't think we got too much attention yet to provoke anyone, but I guess we did. We actually all took personal rooms in that crappy hostel and got us some uninvited guests halfway through the night.
They had no chance against us with our weapons and our traing, but too make a not so extremely long story short, we kicked the crap out of most of them and got lucky and were able to ask some questions from a survivor. I ain't no questioner so I stayed away from the actual questioning most of the time, showed some muscle pushed him around a bit, but nothing too much.

But I guess tomorrow is a good day to start talking about what the man said and what happened afterwards isnt it? I got some other more important things to look after now instead of answering your questions. But have some food waiting for me tomorrow and we shall continue again.

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