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Session 5 (Zuka)

A rude awakening

Played on April 27th, 2008
As told by Zuka

23.M41 Day 56

A loud noise rudly awakened me from my sleep, and before I know it a guy jumps on top of me. I push him away from the bed and quickly grab my las pistol. He tries to hit me with an axe, but misses, and the axe ends up in the wall. I shoot him in the head, and a few seconds later another shot. This hits him good and het flies back to the other side of the hallway, catching fire from the energy from the las and soon there isn't much more left then a pile of burning and smoking flesh.

Since I also hear a lot of noises from the other rooms I pick up my long las and look out into the hallway. There are 2 more persons at the end of it, and I shoot at them, hitting one, and then they quickly take cover and start to return fire. After that I hear another guy screaming and a wave of blood comes through one of the doors of a teammate. A guy attacks me from the back a few seconds later but he misses, and when I hear Scarlet scream to get away I quickly jump inside again on which a shot from her follows hitting the guy. When I look at the hallway again, I see a guy flying through a door while he is being hit by Vhadeems' gun, who then runs in the hallways and starts shooting at the guys that have taken cover at the stairs.

By now all of the attackers that are still alive start to flee. Arquis and Vhadeen follow then, and Ravian comes right after them. I don't think long and also run down the stairs. When I come outside I see and hear no one. It seems Ravian was following them, and all the others are with me at the door or still inside.

After a few minutes Ravian returns, he failed in catching them, and also tells us that he saw the two red lights again. I try to see them, but there is nothing there. Inside Scarlet and has found a surviver and takes him down the stairs. There we are going to ask him some questions.

Vhadeem has the idea to piss on him to awake him. I like the idea, but i already took a piss just before I went to bed. Then Scarlet arrives with some liquid and throws it on his face. He wakes up, and gets his hands free, on which Vhadeem jumps on him to get him in place again. Guess we shouldn't let Scarlet make the knots. Then Ravian gets angry, and takes a leg a breaks it, with his bare hands. A loud scream follows, and Vhadeem puts him on a chair.

Then Arquis starts to ask him questions, but the guy doesn't want to tell a word. I tell them that maybe breaking another leg will help him remind himself of who send him here. And then Arquis gets the following information out of him:

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