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Session 1 (Ghorza)

"Mr Nolan"

Played on September 15th, 2013

Market Day, 15th of Palesun, year of the Tunneler

So there we are, in Mr Nolan's house in Horizon, waiting for the quest he will give us. I wonder what all the other people are doing here, maybe this Mr Nolan has a lot of quests that need to be done.

After a long wait Bazkar is asked to come in, and i follow him inside. There someone is sitting at a desk, and he was asks us to show what skills we have. Bazkar quickly slashes the desk into two pieces. After that i also have to show what i can do, and because the desk is already ruined, i ask if he has someone else i can attack. He gets a guy to stand there unarmed, so i give him a desk leg to have a fair fight. After that i jump at him, slash him with my axes and he falls down quickly. I try not to hit him with the sharpest edges, but still he goes down without much effort. I have no intention to kill him, so i quickly stabilize him and tell Mr Nolan that he will live.

After that we can continue to another room. There a dark elf is sitting in a corner. We introduce each other, but after that it stays pretty silent. Until at some point Enzo enters the room. We haven't seen him for months, but he is happy as always, and apparently he knows the dark elf which he calls a wood elf. Soon after that a half elf bard and a half-orc knight also enter the room. I talk some in half-orc with him, he seems nice. And the bard remembers Bazkar's full name while he only said it once! That's impressive. I'm running around with Bazkar a few years now and still can't remember his full name!

Then we continue to another room where two Mr Nolan's explain what we have to do. We have to go to a Silverthal, go to the cemetary, get a chest from there, and return it here. That sounds easy, no trolls involved even! And it seems we even get gold for it. They also give us a bowl and a half globe that kinda fits into it. They say it will help us to find the chest. Enzo thinks they are magic!

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