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Session 11 (Rhiannon)

A Battle with Demons, an Encounter with Dark Elves

Played on December 1st, 2013

Saintsday, 7th of Firemoot, Year of the Tunneler

We were ill prepared for a fight and caught unawares moreover, so things looked bleak. The demons had many spells which they threw at us in reckless abandon, yapping and laughing all the time. Ebon jets flew from them, firey projectiles, curses and hurtful auras all rained down upon us. Fortunately we were not without weapons of our own. Vharguk and Enzo espcially were worthy spellslingers of their own, while Bazkar, Ghorza and Brugo kept the demons at bay. Si'trova used the demons' darkness against them, as she melted into the shadows to suddenly strike from them. While I did not deal as much damage with my rapier, my songs heartened my allies and my directions gave them some reprieve when things got particularly perilous.

The first two demons were relatively easily dispatched of, but in the time it took more of their brethren had appeared. Fortunately, they did not work as a team and in the end we disposed of them all, even though they had limited powers of inivisibility. Just when we took some deep breaths to steady ourselves, a deep, thundering roar echoed from the caves, followed by the jittering of more demons.

We were in no shape to fight any further, so I yelled to retreat. Even before I did so, Bazkar had charged out of the room towards the new challengers. We ran after them, but Vharguk lingered. He wanted to rest, but I dragged him along, saying that if he didn't hurry he would rest forever! We caught up with the rest, where Ghorza had persuaded Bazkar that he didn't have to die just yet, and retreating was a worthy alternative. I was doubly relieved by that, because Bazkar was the only one amongst us who knew the path back.

We scrambled and ran towards the waterfall, talking amongst ourselves, but all of a sudden we were hailed from a side-passage. A dark elf male hissed: "That is a Hezru! A big demon, you don't want to fight that. Follow me, quick!" We were in no position to turn down help, and followed him. I stayed close to Si'trova, wondering how she felt about dark elves these days.

We met up with several more dark elves, and then ran along, deeper into the caves, away (as far as I could tell) from the entrance. We had several more fights with demons, but none bigger than before. With the help of the our escorts and several dark elf patrols we encountered, we fought them off and continued our flight. After what seemed like hours we were led into a kind of cellar. We were ushered up a small flight of stairs, and dragged ourselves into a small room. It seemed like some sort of servant's quarters, with hard granite walls and some straw bedrolls on the floor, but it looked positively homey after the recent happenings.

Just when somebody checked the door (a cautious habit I could appreciate), a dark elven female entered, carrying some pouches. She explained to us that she a healer and that she would like to treat our wounds. We wondered out loud about her friendliness, since we were not of her kind. She answered that one of us was of her kin, and that was all that mattered. At that I glanced at my friend. Si'trova had a fierce look in her eyes and seemed apprehensive, so I laid a hand on her shoulder to steady her. She took a deep breath at that and drew back.

The healer treated the rest. She wondered at Ghorza's tattoo and I looked at the shape it had taken: a claw, with the palm in the shape of a leaf. Another message from the High Druid? After Ghorza's high praise, Bazkar also let the healer do her duty, as did I. Vharguk refused as he apparently didn't trust her, a fact he all but explicitly stated out loud. Tact was not his strong suit.

Finally the healer came to stand next to Si'trova and began to treat her. Si'trova was obviously nervous, but acquiesced to the woman's directions. Before long, however, the dark elf looked up at Si'trova face and exclaimed: "But... you are not a dark elf?"

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