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Session 14 (Rhiannon)


Played on December 22nd, 2013

Towerday, 2nd of Firewane, Year of the Tunneler

Vharguk told us later that it seemed as if Brugo had grown, and growled fiercely. When he looked again, Brugo had shrunk back to his normal size.

It was not over yet. Ghorza later told us that she had talked to the High Druid in her dreams. He wanted her to come to him, to the Dire Wood. In return, he would tell her the story of her parentage.

At that time, though, most of us were oblivious to all this, as we slept. Vharguk woke up Si'trova, telling her that the Keep was whole again. Si'trova was puzzled by this, as it was easily seen that it was not the case. Vharguk conceded this, but was certain of what he saw.

Then an old man appeared. (If I'm telling this a bit incoherent, that's because it was very confusing and I wasn't awake myself!) He approached Vharguk, and hailed him with the title of "the Keeper of Balance". He named himself Cameron.

At this point, Ghorza woke up the rest of us. I was very grumpy as I don't like being woken up in the middle of the night, or ever for that matter. As such, I was rather impolite to Cameron, who turned out to be the First Wizard of the Stalrik Empire, and not altogether there. He was some sort of astral projection (Lilliane's term, not mine) or spirit, bound to the Keep. He claimed to be very old, and acquainted with Garrick and Azyvax.

He was very open to us, a group of strangers, but he saw "potential" in us. He guessed we were after the chest, and was willing to give it us, as he was tired of his duty and wanted to get rid of it. He even offered to answer any one question from each of us. (This generosity set off all kinds of alarm bells, but I seemed to be the only one. Also, I hate stories with these kinds of Sphinxes in them.)

He asked us whether we knew that we were being followed by a Shadow. It was not malevolent, so he wasn't too worried. (I guessed he was talking about the Prince's servants and wasn't too worried either.) Then he disappeared, telling us that he had to go to Adrian Tower to stop somebody. Cryptic!

Wineday, 3rd of Firewane, Year of the Tunneler

Shortly after breakfast we heard a bestial kind of laughing from outside the keep, like hyena's. I was not worried as hyena's don't attack humans, so I kept studying some verses of a new song I acquired while on the road. Little naive me...

Moments later we were attacked by a horde of gnolls! The fight was short and brutal. Bazkar once again showed his battle prowess. He was fearless and reckless, still rather suicidal I'd say. Only my directions kept him alive while he whirled around the battlefield, slashing his axe this way and that. I also had to give Vharguk some time to recuperate. My sharp tongue actually helped to bring a big gnoll to his knees, doubting his prowess. It was a bluff, but he didn't know that. In the end we were victorious once again. Several of us were hit hard and it reminded us that while we were in a keep, outside lurked the wilderness.

After the battle there was a long discussion as some wanted to cremate the gnolls. I debated that vehemently as the smoke would alert anything in miiles around us to our presence. In the end Bazkar proved to stubborn.

As a change of pace, we then had another discussion, this time on which questions we would ask Cameron and how. I was going to ask him to tell me the rest of the song about Garrick and Azyvax.

That evening we went to bed early, to get some sleep before midnight and Cameron's arrival. Sure enough, he appeared. He had stopped the somebody at Adrian Tower. He told us that we didn't have to ask our questions immediately, as he was going to accompany us. He then walked / phased (ghost, remember?) into the rubble of the tower. The earth rumbled and a large stone golem rose from the ex-tower, carrying a chest before him.

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