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Session 3 (Rothaide)

Rothaide: "Is that group still staying here?". Rothaide looks bewildered.

Karlie: "Hi hun, what's up? You mean that group of strangers who popped up a few days ago looking for a place to crash?"

Rothaide nods.

Karlie: "Nah, they left the next day, after they had a weird night. They even woke up Fulrad at about five in the morning as they came barging in"

Rothaide: "Maybe it's for the better". She shrugs.

Karlie looks at her questioningly.

Rothaide: "You know the story of the Lich King barbeque we tell our lil'ones to make sure they don't go out onto the cemetary at night, right? I think this story might've become reality that night."

Karlie, and some of the nearby patrons, start to listen intently.

Rothaide: "So they visited me in the afternoon, asking all kinds of questions about the cemetary and the graves, and what not. I told them our barbeque story as I do to all visitors, but they didn't seem impressed or shocked by it. One even looked like he was looking forward to a nice meaty dinner with the Lich King. Then later that day, or night I should say. I think it was already past midnight, I woke up startled by a lot of noise coming from outside. It was that group again heading straight into one of the oldest sections of the cemetary."

Karlie: "Aaaah so that's where they ran off to"

Rothaide: "I thought they'd for sure die out there. But before long it seems that our bedtime story became the truth. Huge bonfires were lit all over the cemetary. The smell of rotting burning meat filled the air. Hoping they wouldn't come for me, I hid under the bed, but I could still hear the shrill screams and smelled the foul odour of death!"

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