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Session 21 (Ghorza)

"The dragon"

Played on February 16th, 2014

6th of Lowsun, year of the Tunneler

So there we were, in a centaur village in the Wild Wood. We were led to a hut where they would do some tests to see if Si'trova really was the chosen one. When we wanted to enter it seems that they only wanted Si'trova to enter. Of course she refused to go without the rest. After some discussing it was decided that me and Enzo would go have some drinks with the towns chief, Bazkar would guard the hut, and the other 3 would enter it. The older centaurs said that it didn't feel good to let us enter, but i think they just didn't like small people.

The chief let us into his home, and we got some mead. It tasted great, and we started to talk about the prophecy. It seems that the centaurs once lived in the Elven forest, but during the war between the elves and the dwarves, the elves asked the centaurs to destroy villages without good reason. So the centaurs refused to do this and ended up having to flee from the elves. Finally they found a safe place in the Wild wood, where the High Druid allowed their presence. The prophecy was that at some day an elf looking like a dark elf but not being a dark elf would enter their village, and that person would bring them back to the Elven Forest. We agreed that Si'trova had to be that person.

But then to the other point. I asked the chief what he knew about my history. For some reason he didn't wanted to tell me. It seems that the centaur were not really friends with the High Druid, but that they just lived here. So he wondered if it was smart to tell me or not. He promised me to tell me more, if it was sure Si'trova was the chosen one.

Later the other 4 joined us, and we got some nice chicken legs and other food. When the chief came back later he decided to tell me that Quetzal the dragon would know more. He also told that the pendant from Brugo looked like a statue on a hill close to ruins where the dragon lived. Luckily we were looking for that dragon anyway. So the next day we started to follow the path in the wood again.

13th of Lowsun, year of the Tunneler

We walked for 6 days, and i'm sure the High Druid was helping us going faster, else it would've taken us at least double the time. After those 6 days we reached a open area in the wood and we entered it. When we were in the center we heard a loud heavy voice from behind us. I'm not exactly sure anymore what it said, but it was something like 'Hi sister!'.

A few took out their weapon, a few others stayed frozen looking at the 25 feet high dragon. I also was surprised and impressed. But i was also convinced that he meant no harm. The High Druid let us here for a reason. The dragon also greeted Bruldugar. But as far as i know, nobody of us had that name. Then i finally found out where i came from, and even found out what i was. After all those doubts between being a Half-Orc, or a Halfling as some called me, it turned out i wasn't any of those, i was a ..... Dragon!

According to Quetzal, who was my older brother, i was changed into this halfling form by the High Druid not long after i was born. He had his reasoning for this, but Quetzal wasn't really sure why that was done. This was one thing i had to find out myself. Quetzal also send his friend Bruldugar out to look for me, and protect me. It turned out that Bruldugar could take different forms, like Unicorn, Bear, Cat, and Dog when i found him. Yeah, that's right, Brugo is Bruldugar. And it seems i didn't find him, but he found me!

While digesting this story, Enzo started to ask hundreds of questions to Quetzal. He really wanted to know if legendary dragon Azyvax was related to Quetzal. In the end he found out that they had lived together in his current lair, and Azyvax left some stuff there which could be interesting to Enzo. The area where the dragon lived was already inhabited by dragons for a long time, and the High Druid didn't have much influence there.

We decided that we wanted to go to that lair, and check out the statue from Brugo's pendant. We asked Quetzal to lead us to there. He said some words in a weird, but to me faintly familiar, language, and a path emerged where there was only forest before...

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