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Session 5 (Enzo)

"Message from the past"

Played on October 13th, 2013

20th of Palesun, year of the Tunneler

Varghuk and I were still in the dark and dusty library, studying the book we found about the Cascade into Cataclysm. It was hard to concentrate because of some incessant knocking on the door, but it was oh so interesting! It was a time of legendary heroes, dragons, exciting adventures and epic battles! In the center of this all was a magnificent dragon and an Elven Hero. When I turned the page, there was a glorious picture of a the dragon.

Page about the Cascade into Cataclysm

As I looked into his eyes, I saw the tired but satisfied eyes of a good friend. My ears filled with the noises of a bustling dwelling, my skin felt the feeling of sun on my eyes, the dusty smell of books was replaced by the iron-like smell of blood. The yellow-green dragon towered over me. We had just done something significant, Azyvax and I, and survived like we had so many times before.

In front of me was the most beautiful Elven woman I have ever seen, but I felt I knew her well. She handed me the familiar chest and told me "Secure the chest the well, because you are going to need its contents."

With those words, I returned to the dusty library and I explained what I learned to Vharguk. I'm not sure he believed me or thought I was going crazy! Wow, that was very special! We asked the librarian for more information on the Stalrik Empire. He indicated that it was in one of the books in glass cabinets which could only be opened with permission from the Archmage. After we asked he indicated that there is more information on Azyvax in the normal library.

Afterwards we returned to the others. There was some grumbling about something. We joined Bazkar we said he had been drinking with a dwarf named Jororin, but oddly enough he seemed abnormally sober. Vharguk, Rhiannon and I spent some more time in the library, while the rest was out trying to find the dwarf named Jororin again. Bazkar found some lie in his words and was now trying to find him. The dwarf was trying to convince Bazkar to open the chest.

In the library we found the following details in some exciting stories (and some boring history books): The ruins of the Stalrik Empire can be found in the direction of Forge. The Cascade into Cataclysm was a time in which the Orc Lord gathered his clans to attack the civilized nations and the dwarves, elves and humans united to oppose this. The Elven Hero and Azyvax played a key role in averting the Cascade into Cataclysm. Although the hero was a champion for the Elves, he was actually a human and there were rumors he was "involved" with the Elf Queen. His name was Garik. I guess the most obvious conclusion is that, the woman in my vision was the (then) Elf Queen and that I saw things from the perspective of Garik, but no way to be sure. Nobody knows if Azyvax is still alive or if the Elf Queen is still the same Elf Queen.

When we left the library we ran into the others again, who apparently were tracking down some kid who passed them a message from Jororin. We cornered the scared looking kids and they said a dwarf they didn't know asked them to pass the message. Si'trova convinced them to give us word when they saw the dwarf again.

Back at the inn Rhiannon and Si'trova made the plan to forge a message from the Archmage to allow Vharguk and I to gain access to the book about the Stalrik Empire. I'm not really sure how's that supposed to work as Rhiannon and Si'trova also swapped the book for the emperor book and then hid the book somewhere else in the library.

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