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Session 8 (Rhiannon)

An Unexpected Opening

Played on November 3rd, 2013

Fireday, 5th of Highsun, Year of the Tunneler

We waited in the library while Lilliane left to talked to Brugo. While we did so, the book said to me that we had to show the chest to Lilliane.

We studied the library, which was richly decorated. On the walls were tapestries and paintings. Some of them were portraits, and I recognised our sisters Allison, Kaela and Haylee amongst them.

Finally Lilliane came back. Apparently, she had taken a bath and wore new, beautiful clothes. I guess she was now more what my new friends imagined to be a princess to be. She had also cleaned up Brugo, who looked like a new dog. He wore a collar with a beautiful silver pendant. She said that it was present from the High Druid, made by the dwarven smith Ainkal Silverthumb. She'd "told Brugo a secret and he'll know when to act upon it." What? My beloved sister had grown very eccentric since I last saw her.

We told her most of our recent adventures, more or less side-stepping the troubles with our employers though. She was very curious about the chest, and somebody mentioned that we couldn't open it. "This one, you can't open it?" "Nope, go ahead and try." Which of course she did, but she actually opened it and lifted the lid! We were shocked and stunned, but Vharguk reacted quickly and slammed it shut. I was afraid, however, that it was too late. Enzo later confirmed this as he told me that he'd seen a shadow slip out of the chest.

We angrily quarreled and discussed the chest and its meaning, or the fact that Lilliane could open it. Bazkar tried again, but to no avail. Somebody suggested that maybe the kinsmen of the Emperor could open it. I was not anxious to test it, but tried to open the chest and behold! I could. Inside there was a large scroll, bearing ancient runes. It seemed to be separated in twain: the first part was in ancient elven and the bottom part was in ancient dwarven.

Lilliane mentioned that she knew of only three people who could read the latter script: Ainkal Silverthumb, the Dwarf King, and the High Chancellor of Forge. Bazkar showed her his axe, and she confirmed that it also held ancient dwarven runes. She offered to look for somebody who could High Elven.

My sister graciously invited us to have lunch with her, an offer I eagerly accepted. It gave me a chance to catch up on the family affairs, even though Lilliane was not much interested in it. She didn't know much about Llessa, brother Loric's current favorite wife-to-be and daugher of Lord Stern. (Stern was Glitterhaegen's mayor.) Of course, that didn't necessarily mean much as Loric was a incorrigible womanizer.

After Lilliane copied the Elven part of the scroll, the time had come to say our goodbyes. Si'trova and I did so elaborately, feeling sad to have to leave. However, the last words she had were with Bazkar, to whom she spoke privately. Later we heard from him that she had told him that he was to be more than a "mere" trollslayer. He would had to follow the path of Myriath Hearthstone. Which was weird, because she was the founder of the trollslayer cult. So how would that elevate him?

That evening I had another successful performance. While I was occupied, a man brought a scroll to Si'trova. It held the translation of the High Elven script.

Swordsday, 6th of Highsun, Year of the Tunneler

After breakfast we visited Little Forge, the dwarven community in Axis. After asking around Bazkar and Ghorza talked to Dolmir, the "Eldest". He didn't have much useful information, but it was decided we would travel towards Forge and hope that we could find Ainkal there. Entering Forge itself was not in the cards as it was closed to non-dwarfs.

Moonday, 16th of Highsun, Year of the Tunneler

In rain and wind we arrived at Concord, the Garden City. Here we booked passage on a boat to Westhaven, which didn't depart until the 19th. At least that gave us some time to rest.

Saintsday, 22nd of Highsun, Year of the Tunneler

We arrived in Westhaven and prepared to walk the Million Steps Road. I hoped that was a poetic name...

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