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Session 4 (Ghorza)

"The skeleton in the library"

Played on October 6th, 2013

18th of Palesun, year of the Tunneler

While Bazkar was still putting aside the big stone slab, a skeleton hand emerged from the stone chest. I jumped at it and hit it with my axes while Brugo grabbed his leg. The others also landed some hits and within seconds the skeleton was dead. Si'trova grabbed the necklace off of his neck, and said it felt warm. According to Enzo it was magical, and he happily put it around his neck. When I looked in the chest I saw a huge axe. I picked it out, and while it kinda felt great, it felt very hard to handle with 1 hand, so I handed it to Bazkar. He started to examine it, and found some runes which could been dwarven. That convinced him to at least keep if for now and try it out. Rhiannon took the golden armor so we could sell it for some gold.

On our way back we wanted to take the stone bowl and half globe with us, but they were gone, also the statue now had her arms on her side. Weird, guess it's all magical stuff here. We left the mausoleum and went to the inn to get some sleep. At the end of the morning we woke up, got some breakfast and lunch, and started our journey back to Horizon.

20th of Palesun, year of the Tunneler

In Horizon we visited the Nolans to get our reward, and hopefully help Bazkar further with his quest. The Mr Nolan we spoke (apparently again another one) gave us the reward. It appeared that he had no idea how to open the small chest, and even couldn't read what was on it. That was weird, since it was told us that they stored it there themself, right? Bazkar tried to open it for him, but he failed. So we got another quest to translate what was on the chest. Well, I wouldn't really call it a quest, since all we had to do was visit the local library and do some research. But we got some gold for it, and it could help us find out what was in the chest, and maybe that could help Bazkar.

Vharguk pointed us to the library, and soon we were following a creepy old guy through a huge building filled with books. I've never seen so many books, but that probably had to do since i've never been inside a library. At least it could get exciting soon, since we were going to enter the dungeons of the library. Maybe it had more of those skeletons! I readied my weapons and followed carefully when we went down the stairs.

It turned out that it also was mostly books down here, but more dusty. Finally he opened a door of a chamber, and there it should have what we were looking for. So all started to look at the books, while I guarded the entrance. Enzo and Vharguk found an interesting book and started reading it. Meanwhile I saw that Si'trova was trying to do something. Must have to do with that Prince of Shadows of her. A few moments later suddenly the torch closest to her went out. I decided to distract the old librarian and started to yell 'Skeleton' and ran around the room together with Brugo barking. I gave Brugo a skeleton bone i've kept for him and walked towards the librarian while saying 'Good dog, the skeleton problem has been solved!'.

While we were waiting the old man found an empty spot of a shelve, and started to say we were thieves and had stolen it. He demanded that we left the room one by one. I even tried to convince him that the book was still there, but became invisible (seemed plausible since he mentioned that some books here contained magic). But he didn't believe me. So we left the room one by one. Nobody had the missing book, and only Enzo and Vharguk were allowed to go back inside. We had to wait outside. After they were done we were all asked to leave the library. What an annoying old man that was.

Later I heard that the text on the chest was saying something like, "Don't open, it will start a Cataclysm". I'm sure the words were different, but it probably still wasn't smart to open it.

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