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Session 2 (Ghorza)

"Lich King barbecue?"

Played on September 22th, 2013

Market Day, 15th of Palesun, year of the Tunneler

Bazkar and i already go the gate where we will meet with the others in an hour. After a wait the others arrive, some with horses and lots of other stuff. Then we start our journey to Silverthal.

17th of Palesun, year of the Tunneler

2 days later in the end of the afternoon we see the village in the distance. We can't see a cemetery, so we enter the village first. Enzo starts to chat with some halflings that live here. The cemetery is on the other side of the village, so we go check it out and see if we can find the chest. Oh, and they say we shouldn't go there at night. For some reason i get the feeling that is what we should do.

After we enter it it's clear it's not very small, so we split up and everyone goes looking if they can find any symbols like the one on the half globe or other weird stuff. An half hour later we meet back at the entrance, and it's clear that this is not a normal halfling cemetery. It's huge, and after the first part there are a lot of very old graves, most of them without halflings in it, but almost every other race you can imagine. We also talk to the halfling that looks after the cemetery, but it turns out he only cares about the first part, where the halflings are buried. And that at night, something walks around on the cemetery, but the halflings never go there at night, so they don't know what.

We decide to wait till night, and what's a better place than the local inn (at least, that's what most of the others think). We go in there, have some drinks and listen to the nice live music. At least, that's what the others do. I just sit and look around. While there are halflings everywhere, i feel like a total stranger, they talk with their weird accent, laughing all the time. At least the beer tastes good, but i decide to only drink one, since we don't know what to expect tonight at the cemetery.

Enzo had a lot of fun, and he heard that the Lich King is having a barbecue at night at this cemetery. He also asks me to join him to the cellar to check out some runes. Apparently there were ruins here before this village was build, and the halflings used a lot of those stones to build their own houses. The rune appears to be very old and human, but we don't get much more information from it.

After it's dark outside, we move to the cemetery and when we are almost there, Si'trova gets bitten by her own rat. She soon finds out that it has a note in his mouth, and thinks it's a message from the Prince of Shadows. I did hear of the Prince of Shadows, ofcourse. But never had much to do with him in any way. So si'trova getting messages from him, is that good? or bad? I really have no idea. At least she sounds nice when you get to know here a little better, so lets assume for now it's good. And the message from the rat reminded her of a vial with some liquid she got together with the message. We tell her to drink it, but after smelling it she asks if i want to. Ewww, that smells horrible, Brugo wouldn't even drink that! And he likes a lot!

The other option we think of is putting it in the bowl, and while i hold it she empties it in there. A shiver goes through me, and i can just hold it stable enough. It shortly glows blueish. Then we put the half globe in it and it looks like it kinda floats a little bit, and it starts turning around slowly. I can't hold it still enough, so i give it to Si'trova and she tries it. It's more stable, but still it keeps turning around. Then we enter the cemetery and there it turns around again and at some point stops, while the rune, looking a little bit as an arrow, points at a certain direction. We decide to follow it.

Then an arrow appears out of the dark, and we see some shadows. It just misses me, and without waiting any second i charge in there together with Brugo. It are living skeletons, and i chop some down. The others join the fight, and a battle goes on. During it me and Brugo get hit pretty bad, and at that point, green vines appear from the ground grabbing the skeleton dog that was hitting Brugo badly. It must be a help from the High Druid. She really want us to succeed with this, so it must be very important that Bazkar finishes his quest! And quickly after that we kill all the remaining skeletons (can you kill things that are already dead?). Brugo start chewing at a bone from the skeleton dog, and we take some rest, before we continue following the rune.

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