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Session 3 (Rhiannon)

Into the Crypt

Played on September 29th, 2013

Market Day, 15th of Palesun, year of the Tunneler

Our heroes, at night
Sidled into the well-tended graveyard
Disturbing the non-halfling part
An owl hooted

The bowl, it glowed
Its obscure and eldritch arrow pointed
Towards a sturdy mausoleum
A mouse tiptoed

The group, at night
Stalked into the warlike crypt
A big stone coffin there was
A rat squeaked

A statue, it stood
Her hands were cupped, inviting
To place a certain object
A spider weaved

A bas-relief, at night
Was displayed behind the statue
Depicting a terrible war
A hound fought

The bard, she took
Placed the bowl into the hands
The torches, they extinguished
A butterfly died

Two skeletons, at night
Charged into the surprised party
They cut and stabbed
A hyena leapt

The heroes, they rallied
The troll slayer and halfling lass
They received and delivered
A bear crushed

A stone slab, at night
Fell from the stone coffin
Opening a staircase to below
A rabbit burrowed

The thief, she saw
A cunning trap but she tripped
Ancient artifice besting her skills
A spider caught

The group, at night
Stumbled into the hidden crypt
Another coffin there was
A rat squeaked

Unknown runes, engraved upon
Their obscure and eldritch script unexplained
Ancient elf runes beyond ken
A mouse tiptoed

Wooden chest, at night
Perched upon the coffin
Iron complementing oak
A dog herds

Known runes, engraved upon
Their script denoting a stern warning
"Beware; Do not open
A cat hisses

The halfling, at night
She lifted the sturdy chest
An easy task for powerful limbs
An ox carries

The coffin lid, now empty
The slayer and thief lifted the heavy slab
It crashed upon the dwarf's toe
A banshee screamed

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