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Intro (No one)

"A fresh breeze"


Market Day, 15th of Palesun, year of the Tunneler

A fresh breeze ruffled an old man's cloak as he passed by hurriedly. You watch after him as he makes his way towards the central square. It was Market Day and the square would be filled with stalls, tents, traders, jugglers, peddlers and every other kind of townsfolk. A good day to either pass unnoticed or to make yourself visible to others. Lord Nethanlik would be watching from his tower, calmly sitting in his balcony throne, drinking whatever fancied his mood. Only his closest circle would be able to tell you what exactly, but you'd wager one glass was worth a whole month of work for a profitable trader.

But you would not be making your way towards the square. You had an altogether other place to be. Suredly not as busy as the main square. Nope, business needs to be taken care of. A chance for good money, yes a profitable day this will be. You take a last quick look towards the tower and turn your head the other way. 'Let's get this day started', you mumble. You walk into a side alley, a steady stride in your step.

After a refreshing walk you arrive from another small alley into a larger roadway. This is the city quadrant of the more fortunate. Not so much a place for you, but this was where you were asked to go. The address should be just around the corner. Mr. Nolan's house, though you are not sure it's mr. Nolan himself you would be meeting. You turned around the corner and walked up to number 7, coral street. Six steps led up to a set of wooden double doors. A large knocker was attached to the left door. Guess using that was the next step for you. You lifted the knocker and rapped it a few times against the door. It makes no sound whatsoever, but you get a feeling someone inside has heard your knocking anyway.

You turn around to wait, but it doesn't take long before the door opens behind you. A small man in a neat suit is standing in the doorway. He raises an eyebrow and says: 'Can I help you, sir?'
You smile at the man and say 'Hi there, I have a meet at this house. I know mr. Nolan lives here, but I was not told who actually to meet here.'
'Ah yes, very good, sir. One of those then. No worries, you can join the others in the waiting room for now.'
'The others?' You ask. But he turns around and leads you away without another word. You are led to a side hallway of this great mansion. Though this was obviously the servants hallway, it wasn't any less showy. Soft carpeting and painting of various Nolan family members. Though how unimportant or faraway these relatives are was a good question. Not much of an honor hanging in the servants hallway. Though you have no real time to have a good look anyway, the small man keeps on walking. Walking quite fast for such a small man. Another corner and he opens a door. He smiles and waves you in. 'Have a seat here, sir. You will be called for soon.' You walk inside and the man closes the door behind you without almost any sound.

As you look around the room you just entered you quickly find out you are not alone. Not alone by a long shot. You were hoping on a place quieter than the marketplace, not a room filled with people. Three elves were sitting in a corner on the ground talking softly. A dwarf was shouting to another one, the other one simply smiles and weathers the storm. A group of humans and half elves are sitting at a table playing some kind of card game. Another human is leaning on a staff next to another door leading somewhere else and a halfling is skipping between it all. This was another story altogether now. It might still be profitable, but you guess there will be some sharing if everyone in the room was to get a part of it.

You do not know if it's luck or something else, but the room had exactly one free chair, seeming just to be waiting for you. You sigh, sit down on the chair and prepare for a long wait.

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