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Session 13 (Magnus)

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Played on June 27th, 2010

Wednesday, March 22th, 1933 - La Venta Harbor

We leave the temple behind. It's all reduced to a big pile of rubble with our fake scythe somewhere inside. We quickly cross the jungle and try to reach our crashed plane. There we ponder on options on ow to return to the civilized world so we can frshen up and come up with new plans on how to stop the evil from happening.

Mike conjures up a plan to rebuild the crashed plane into a boat. I help him out engineering that thing. We drag our contraption to the river and there we sail down to the see. Eventually the water gets calmer as we reach the river delta and we end up on the open see. We're close to the harbor so large ships are passing us by leaving us in their wake.
Due to the large waves all of a sudden we're left in the water with our improvised ship sinking to the bottom.

Luckily we're close enough to a pier so we swim there and climb the stone stairs towards street level. There we wander of to a bar to get a drink and determine our next step. A guy walks up to Christopher offering to get us some airplane tickets to get back to the civilized world. As soon as he get's hold of 100$ he runs of. I wonder if we'll ever see him or some tickets ever again. We decide we want to know if foreigners have been to this city recently as we suspect it must be our contact person then who we would be handing the scythe. The bartender tells us we'd better check in some sailor cafe. We go there and ask about foreign ships which recently visited the harbor. We're told there's one English ship the H.M.S. Victoria. It arrived two weeks ago. We suspect they've got something to do with our quest so we're gonna pay it a visit.

I board the ship and ask for the captain. Eventually after some harsh discussion we're allowed into the captain's quarters. Roger suspects it's a trap but too late! The doors are closed behind us and all of a sudden we're surrounded by eight guys pointing guns at us. More discussion ensues and it turns out these people work for Interpol and are working on the same case as we are.

Together we decide to send a new fax to our scythe contact person to try and capture him. He replies with "Wrong Dunkelschmertz, wrong scythe, second chance". When we fax where and when that second chance will take place, we get a reply with "London, Windsor Castle two weeks from now at 20:00".

We ask the Interpol people if they'd participate with this task and bring us to London. We start off sailing towards Miami to get some supplies for the one and a half week journey.
On the first night we all have a dream again. According to Roger it was the "end of the world" event and some gods were trying to stop it.

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