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Session 14 (Magnus)

Hunting Herne

Played on July 4th, 2010

Sunday, April 2nd, 1933 - London

After a pretty much uneventful journey by ship to London, We arrive on Sunday the second of April. As the appointment at Windsor Castle is only due in three days, we spend some quality time in London itself. Always followed by our guide from Interpol, lovely fella.

Wednesday 5th of April - Windsor Castle

As we're almost all in tourist mode after these few days, we decide to leave early and scout out the premises. Some join the tour of the castle. Mike is quickly bored though so he wanders of the nearest pub in the nearby village of Eton. I decide to join him as he was probably right that this scouting wasn't of much use in executing our task.

That night at the designated hour we gather at the castle gate, waiting for our contact person. Nobody shows up for a couple of hours, so we split up and search the premises. After a thirty minute walk we're about three-quarters around the castle when we all of a sudden are startled by a hoot which must have come from a huge owl. We're standing really close to a huge eerie oak tree, but no owl is to be seen. Behind the tree we discover a headstone all covered in molt. We can still distinguish the letters ERNE though. This reminds Roger of a poem he has read somewhere along our adventure about Herne the Hunter. It seems we stumbled upon his grave.

Then we notice a piece of rope hanging from one of the lower branches. Roger decides to cut it down. As Thomas picks up the piece of rope it starts to grow in a ghostly fashion into a hangman's knot. Meanwhile the others have joined us, just in time to see a ghost appearing. It's a human figure wearing an antler mask.

Quite terrified Mike jumps in our rental car and tries to run over the ghost. In the process he knocks over the headstone and then parks the car against the mighty oak, leaving the ghost rather unharmed. Others are also acting completely weird, Thomas threatening Mike with his gun to get out of the car. In the meanwhile Christopher took the necklace we found from Roger.s bag and wears it. As he does that he starts to emit the same light as the ghost does. Then as the bells of the Ethan Cathedral toll midnight, the ghost sinks back into his grave. Our Interpol guide and one of the Windsor Castle guards coming running towards us, wondering what all the noise is about. Christopher quickly bribes the guard to avoid us getting into all kinds of annoying stuff. I hadn.t expected English officers being this unlawful. When the guard is gone again we would really like to know if the antler mask is buried here as it seems to resemble the picture we saw at Maureen with all the artifacts on it which are being gathered. After we do some digging, we finally reach a coffin, but nothing.s in it.

As it's getting quite late we leave the scene and go to the first hotel we can find to check in for the night. I quickly scan all the tourist brochures at the reception to find if there's a museum nearby which might contain some information on the whereabouts of Herne's mask. It turns out there's this museum called "Ye Olde Museum of Celtic Arts" which is hosting a display on Herne. There's also a contact person mentioned, professor Lindsey Twopence.

Thursday 6th of April - Hotel Ethan

That night we all have weird dreams again. Not a generic one, but they all do carry a generic message about us having to battle the evils-that-be and that we have to use our powers to do so. We wake up way more refreshed than expected.

All invigorated we go to the museum. There we find out there's not much more then what we already knew. It's time to visit the person responsible for this part of the museum. Professor Twopence invites us into her cramped little office and starts telling us about Herne.

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