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Session 6-7 (Magnus)

The Germans

Played on May 2nd, May 9th, 2010

Tuesday, March 14th, 1933 - Copenhagen

Mike and me follow the German on foot as he enters the somewhat more shabby areas of the city. All of a sudden as we round a corner we're facing four thugs. I make real quick work of them and then Mike runs of again in pursuit of the German. After a while I catch up again and hear from Mike that the guy entered a house in this street. We decide to call in the others to catch the German and his possible friends in the house.

Inside we encounter four guys and a woman. Two of the guys wear some kind of uniform covered with swastika symbols and the letters TG. The whole room is filled with maps and paperwork. I presume there will be some clues to be gathered here! Completely surprised by our entrance we quickly beat the guys and tie them up. Thomas then starts questioning the woman, who turns out to be Elna Borch, the artist who crafted the sculpture. Meanwhile Mike is talking to Helmut, the photographer, what they're up to.

Elna tells Thomas what has happened, that she was abducted and brought here to be questioned about the sculpture and especially about the scythe. She also explains that she go inspired to make the statue by an occult book written by some 17th century astrologist John Dee.

Roger, Thomas and the woman the the German's car and drive of to her house to get the book. While they're gone, all of a sudden we hear someone at the door. The guys we got captured in the house start yelling and there's some response and then the sound of someone running away. I sprint towards the door but when I look outside it's way too dark to distinguish anything. Any form of pursuit will be impossible so I decide to start guarding the door.

Wednesday, March 15th, 1933 - Copenhagen - German hideout #1

Halfway through the night there's a loud thump against the door which I'm guarding. It's Roger trying to get in after they've just returned from the Elna's home to get the book. Everybody tries to get some sleep in preparation for the very busy day ahead.

The rest of the night was rather uneventful apart from a weird dream we all seems to have dreamt. We saw huge armies fighting, but the weird thing was that the armies we're all marionettes, controlled by a huge hand. Then the scene faded and turned into a huge castle on top of a mountain which was looking all pretty by daylight, but as dawn set in it turned into a ruin, a mere shadow of its beautiful initial form.

The next morning we all wake up and get some breakfast, luckily the Germans had enough supplies. When we're done eating, we put them all in the car along with Elna to deliver them at the police station. After a short explanation in Danish, yeah we all of a sudden speak Danish now, and German for that matter which freaked out Thomas, the polifce officer on duty takes the Germans into custody and ask the woman to remain there to testify what happened to her.

Then it's time to see what Christopher has learned from his evening with Freya. We meet at the designated hotel and he tells us they had a very pleasant dinner where Freya explained that Karl was an adopted child, hence why he might be so grumpy about the whole museum thing his father had left him with.

Next stop is Freya's apartment. We want to bring her along to Karl to act as a translator again for us, because it'd be pretty weird to all of a sudden talk Danish to him. When we get there we notice the door is left open. Christopher and Thomas run inside to determine what has happened. No sign of the girl anymore but they smell some residual formaldehyde, a substance commonly known to be used to daze people when abducting them. To determine what has happened we'll need the help from Karl so we race towards his office.

We barge in, ignoring his secretary, and we find him sitting behind his desk, looking all shook up. Turns out he received a note from Freya's abductors in which they demand the scythe in return for his cousin. When Roger investigates who left the note he get's some valuable clues that the Germans are also involved in this. To make sure the scythe's still there we pay a visit to the catacombs beneath the Karlsberg brewery and learn that all's still well here and the scythe is exactly where it should be.

Wednesday, March 15th, 1933 - Copenhagen - German hideout #2

As our only clue to the possible whereabouts of the Germans is an X marked on one of the maps we found yesterday evening, we go there. Roger sees the car driven by the person who delivered the note. Thus we decide to go in and reclaim Freya. Thomas knocks on the door and demands in German that they hand over the girl. I run towards the backdoor again while wearing the uniform I collected from one of the Germans we met yesterday. In the backyard I encounter another German and I tell him I'm Helmut. Inside shots are being fired and there's yelling going on. I run inside assessing the situation. Downstairs the girl is not to be seen so I run up the stairs to make sure she, or anyone else is there to attack us in the back.

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