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Session 15 (Magnus)

Herne's innocence

Played on July 25th, 2010

Professor Twopence goes on to explain there are three locations known as supposed burial places for Herne. When this topic arises I quickly take off to grab me a cup of coffee from the cafeteria to avoid any nasty questions about our grave "research" in Windsor park. The other two burial spots are the chapel in Windsor park and a third somewhere in Eton.
When we arrive at the chapel we learn that it has a large locked front door and a smaller backdoor which is also locked. After a while Roger succeeds in picking the front door lock and Thomas and Roger go inside.

Thursday 6th of April - Windsor Chapel

Huge stained glass windows line the wall. The largest in the middle depicts Herne with his antler mask, the others represent the standard biblical scenes you usually see in chapels or churches. Roger is terrified by what he sees. Behind the altar he sees a kneeling ghostly figure resembling Herne who's praying and moaning about forgiveness. He quickly runs out the chapel dragging Thomas along with him.

Outside Frank and Mike ponder this whole Herne business isn't helping us along and go find a post office to send another fax to the mysterious mister X. Thomas and Roger pay the professor another visit to ask about freeing a hypothetical ghost from roaming our world. I head of to a pub to read upon forgiveness in my bible. My attention gets drawn to Revelations constantly but also I recall the Matthew 6:12 passage: "And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors".

Frank and Mike join me in the pub and show me the fax they received from X. It tells us to meet him tonight at the chapel we visited earlier today. Roger and Thomas enter the bar alongside a young lady. They sit themselves at a table on the other side of the pub and start discussing something about a poem which is to describe how Herne isn't guilty of the charges from the other hunters. If the word got out that Herne was in fact not guilty, his spirit might finally find some rest. The girl, whose name turns out to be Paige, writes a poem which even in my opinion is quite extraordinary.

Thursday night 6th of April - Windsor Chapel revisited

That night we all go back to the chapel as instructed in the fax. When we're all inside the doors slam shut and we hear a booming voice "Give me the necklace!". I kneel behind the altar where Roger saw Herne earlier and start praying. I try to get the biblical reference across to Herne that if he forgives his false acusers, his mind will also be set free.
With a loud explosion all stained windows shatter, apart from Herne.s window. The bronze jesus figure on the cross starts melting and Thomas quickly drags me away from the altar to avoid getting hit by melting metal. We come to the understanding that something really supernatural is going on here and we flee outside where Mike is prepping to blow up the chapel. When his charges detonate, instead of blowing up, the chapel implodes, leaving only a small pile of rubble.

Thursday night 6th of April - Hotel Eton

That night I have another weird dream involving Herne. He comes by to thank me and to tell me that I can find his mask in his grave. Thomas and Roger have a whole different dream. They see their poem coming true, starting out as a play, but in the end it looks as if reality takes over, proving Herne's innocence.

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