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Session 11 (Magnus)

Temples and traps

Played on June 13th, 2010

Tuesday, March 21th, 1933 - Temple

We wander through various hallways up and down slopes and stairs until we eventually reach a checkboard floor room. Frank somehow is very intrigued by the smell that lingers here and starts admiring a handful of dirt as if it were lovely flowers. I hope he snaps out of it soon. Another remarkable thing in this room is the statue in the middle which is constantly looking at Roger. Luckily by tiptoeing across the right colored tiles we achieve to reach the opposite side of the room and continue our search for the Germans to hand over the scythe.

When we reach an octagonal chamber we hear the sound of footsteps quickly scrambling of. I think we're being watched through the slits in the wall. At least now we know they're aware that we're here and we should be extra careful.
Rounding another corner we end up in a hallway which looks rather familiar to us. We've reached the opposite side of a trap which we saw near the entrance. To avoid running in circles, we backtrack a little and take another passage leading into a complicated tunnel structure where eventually we run into a large natural cavern. Along the way we see all kinds of statues which Roger explains are certain gods and their relatives. We find another tunnel which leads into a nicely build hallway again. There we reach a room with slits in the wall again. Upon quick examination we learn that we look down into the other room where we were earlier. We on the right track to find the people who were walking here earlier!
Continuing again we find another room, now with two altars and a big drawing on the floor. Roger explains this art is all related to the statues we saw earlier.

Now we seem to have reached what we came for. A huge round chamber, torches lining the walls and a big pile of golden artifacts stacked around a huge statue in the middle of the room. When we carefully enter the room to examine all this we all of a sudden hear loud screaming and spears are thrown at us from various directions.

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