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Session 3 (One-Eye)

Dasn't leave th' captain!

Played on August 12th, 2007
As told by William

April 4th, 1689

So we all be on th' boat i think. I didna saw Moe, but i be used t' that, so nothin' t' worry about. In th' next room i heared Olivia talk t' th' english an' a gunshot. 't be time t' help them. Me cutlass cutted through them as through butter an' soon they all fled or sank t'Davy Jones' locker.

Then i sailed' aft t' check captain Redfeather. 't wasn't lookin' good, he lost a lot o' blood. I decided t' check his hearthbeat... nothin'... Th' captain be dead. Them scallywaggin' english! I will kill them!

Th' english already prepared some cannons, so i started t' fire one at th' incomin' boats t' slow them down. Meanwhile Olivia ran up th' stairs an' came down at th' same speed while i heard a lot o' gunshots. That be nay th' good way t' go, so they decided t' go down. I wasn't sure why, since all thar would be be cargo, maybe they be lookin' fer more rum? I decided t' shoot some more o' th' cannons. Manuel tried t' talk me ou' o' 't, nay idee why. He also told we had t' flee. That sounded lily livered, ye dasn't enter a boat t' flee 't! Hit! Hit! Oh, 't sailed' very good, the'r boats sinked like stones. Hmm, th' last prepared cannon... an' then i saw th' captain on one o' th' boats... A hard shot, so i tried as good as i could... i jus' missed 't, too bad. Meanwhile th' others came aft up th' cargo area an' Steph be carryin' a large bird cage. Looked like he had found somethin' t' cook. I asked Phillip hole t' try t' shoot th' captain. He tried, but th' wee boat be movin' t' much an' he missed.

Olivia had a plan! She opened th' bird cage right below th' stairs an' tried t' direct th' birds t' go up th' stairs. She smartly followed them. Then thar be some gun shots an' a lot o' noise, an' Olivia came aft.... fallin'... She had 2 holes in th' lass' an' bleeded a lot. This made Steph go mad an' he charged up th' stairs. I smartly ran t' Olivia t' be seein' if she be alstarboard. Then Manuel came t' help Olivia an' i ran up t' help Steph wi' th' english. Phillip hole also came t' help an' soon we killed them all while i also tookst a scratch. I checked th' stairs t' th' next level, but thar another squadron o' english be waitin' at us. Since th' others be nay followin' me i also decided t' go aft.

When i arrived at th' anchor chamber Manuel be lettin' Olivia down t' th' skiff wi' a rope. Then th' knot let loose an' olivia sailed' down in th' sea. I smartly decided t' jump down after th' lass', an' get Olivia in th' boat. Luckely Moe be also already in th' boat an' together we got here in 't. Th' others also came down, but fer some reason they forgot t' take th' captain wi' them. So i wanted t' climb up again. Steph tookst me leg an' pulled me aft. Fast they started t' row away. 'Dasn't leave th' captain thar!!' i yelled, but 't didna helped. Meanwhile Phillip hole be lookin' t' Olivia's wounds...

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