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>2. The Tower (Rodan)
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4. The Feathergales vs. Evil (Aris)

Played on September 25th, Octobre 9th, 2016

Day 5

The next morning we're released from our "cell" and invited to join the knight at their banquet table. I'm pretty flabbergasted so I even forget to dress for the occasion. In the banquet hall, there's a long table with Thrul at its head, various human knights are also seated at the table, amongst them the leader I shot yesterday. She seems pretty well recovered from the injuries she sustained.
One woman stands out from the crowd, a leather clad woodelf is sitting next to Thrul. When we're all seated, Iymril sings a song in honor of the Feathergale Society. Afterwards Thrul speeches about how we got off on the wrong foot; I look at Savra and quietly mutter 'damn right, two wrong feet in f... ugly boots'. He continues to explain that he thought we were Black Earth and how Naeris convinced him otherwise. he then tells us about the 10 year history of the Feathergales. A society of rich Waterdeep residents who gather here to hunt and feast. He concludes by introducing Niamh, the woodelf beside him.
Apparently there's no hostility at all between the Feathergales and us, so I think I might as well profit from the occasion to wear my formal attire for once again, I don't get to do that very often these days. One of the servants walks me to our room, but discretely waits outside for me to get changed.< Once I'm back in the banquet hall I apologize to Savra for shooting her, but she tells me "No harm no foul". The discussions at the dinner table now range from Weird cultists to monsters in the hills. Until all of a sudden a knights comes storming in, yelling "Manticore!". Thrul follows up by stating that whoever brings him the head of the Manticore will get a huge ring. i ask him where we can obtain our weapons and a servant is quickly send off to collect them for us. We prepare to fight the Manticore and takes the stairs to the roof where vultures and hippogryphs are waiting to carry us to chase the manticore.

The vultures carrying people not too comfortable riding also take flight as soon as Thrul takes off on his hippogryph. Rodan and Naeris fly in one direction, de rest of us follow Thrul too another. After a while searching for the manticore, we spot it and Thrul blows his hunting-horn. We're then joined by Rodan and Naeris who had already attacked it once. The vultures are a lot faster than the manticore so we flyby and attack it. Eventually Iymril flies beside it and whispers something to it. Its eyes look bewildered but we don't get to enjoy this scene for long as the manticore goes into a nosedive and crashed itself into the rockfloor hundreds of meters beneath us.
Some knight land beside the corpse and behead the monster. The head is taken back to the castle where the feasts continue. Thrul continues talking about all the weird things in the hills and eventually tells us about some evil monastery. The leader of the monks should be some kind of monster, but they never really investigated, because they can't reach the monastery on their vultures, because the gorge leading there is too narrow to fly through. They offer to bring us as close as possible tomorrow, so we can investigate. As we're now assuming the Feathergales to be friendly, these monks must be evil as Thrul said so, so we'll see what we can do about them.

Day 6

As promised at dawn we're brought as far as possible towards the monastery and we continue on foot. After walking for about an hour we see something at the end of the gorge. A building, which Rodan identifies as a former dwarven stronghold or something, has its frontdoor here. naeris knocks on the door and asks if we can enter. Quickly the small panel in te door is closed again. More knocking and the next question he asks if they're part of the Black Earth. The pane closes even faster. So we decide to go around the building. After a while we reach an area which looks like it's not in use anymore as it's partially collapsed. I lockpick the door and we enter. The first door we encounter I can hear the sound of combat coming from behind it.Niamh opens the door and there we see three monks working out and sparring with each other. There's one wearing a golden Gargoyle mask who, as soon as she sees us, yells "Intruders!". Naeris charges in and attacks the monks. One of the monks charges towards us, but a few hits later and it's lying facedown on the floor, dead!
Two more monks emerge from a sidedoor to this room and Iymril goes to investigate around the corner of the hallway. The golden mask monk attacks Rodan talking about how she finally found a worthy opponent. Through the sidedoor we hear the sound of combat and Iymril screaming and then going silent. Just a moment later the monk who went out the sidedoor emerges through the hallway beside us. Varaf manages to control him with his mind to make him do his bidding. But eventually Varaf loses his concentration, the control breaks and we're overrun...

Day ...

We wake up in a cell, a real one this time, damp, dark with wrought iron gates and all. There are also a couple of other prisoners, but no Iymril. We do notice a darkelf who somehow resembles him a lot. We start talking to him and learn that he's Lirmyi, one of Iymril, in search of a brother who is lost. We tell him about the presumed tragedy with Iymril.
The dwarf on our cell explains about what is going on here. It turns out there are a lot more cells where they keep prisoners who have to work in the mines. They're guarded by orcs and ogres who provide them with 'food' and drag them out of their cell when its time to get to work. He then tells us about his caravan how it got robbed and what happened to him afterwards, including an attack by the Feathergales.
Together with the dwarf we forge an escape plan. Rodan will summon his handaxe, which I will use tomorrow morning when one of the guards comes to take us into the mine. We'll then run off outside and try to escape.

Day ... + 1

An orc comes to bring us food that morning. He opens the gate and Niamh distracts him, meanwhile I stealthily approach him and hit him over the head with the handaxe. Rodan summons another weapon and also attacks the orc. Varaf blasts him with some spell and Rodan is hit by the orc with its greataxe. But pretty soon, the orc is lying there dead. We take his keys and weapons when all of a sudden we hear the sound of someone approaching. It's the ogre we got to know as Drool. Varaf quickly creates an image of the orc who's relaxing a drinking something just outside the cell. Drool looks at the image pretty confused, he yells at it and then turns around and yells "Oi Jurt, Krom is broken!". As he's now facing the other way, the dwarf proposes to make a run for it now, so we open the gate and make a run for it. We go left and right at various intersections, until all of a sudden the dwarf slows down a bit looking a lot less sure about which way to turn next.

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