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>1. The Missing Caravan (Rodan)
>2. The Tower (Arisys)
>2. The Tower (Rodan)
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>4. Death By Monks (Rodan)
>4. The Feathergales vs. Evil (Aris)
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>6. A Long Way Down (Rodan)
>6. It's all fun and games until... (Varaf)
>7. Featherfall, Feathergale, Featherfail (Varaf)
>7. The Nest Is Abandoned (Rodan)
>8. An Ancient Dwarven City (Rodan)
>9. Grimjaw Into Boarjaw (Rodan)
>10. And that's Grimjaw dealt with! (Aris)
>10. Boarjaw Into Deadjaw (Rodan)
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>12. Fireball! (Rodan)
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>18/19. Red Larch Exploded! (Rodan)
>20/21. The Cleric and the Monastery (Rodan)
>22. The Dwarven Stronghold! (Rodan)
>23. Digging Deep (Rodan)
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>25. Stoned (Rodan)
>26-28. Prince of Air (Rodan)
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6. A Long Way Down (Rodan)

Played on October 30th, 2016

Day 10

After we got a meal we were invited to Thurl's room. There we asked about Deseyna. He told that they saved here from the Dark Earth group that raided the caravan. But they had to flee and couldn't save the rest. She stayed in the tower shortly and left to the South. There was something strange about this story, but I wasn't sure what. Later I heard from Arisys that she saw him looking at the scroll on his table when talking about Deseyna, so we were pretty convinced it was the scroll Deseyna was carrying.
We also discussed the prisoner, and they were going to interrogate him and find out if he worked for Black Earth. Thurl never heard of Grimjaw, and the Rivergard Keep was empty as far as he knew.

This time we didn't get a nice bed, but were told that we had to sleep on top of the tower in the open air. Savra also came by, looking around the valley. It seems the Gnolls were restless and they planned to visit them tomorrow. Niamh asked her some questions about the prisoner, and it seems they didn't receive any new information. Savra wanted to let him loose, but Niamh convinced her to turn it over to the authorities. After Savra left Arisys told us about what she saw. And that she wanted to steal the scroll from his room this night.

A few hours later Arisys went to Thurl's room, after Lirmyi gave her a buff and some inspiration. We all saw her leave and waited on her return. 10 minutes later we saw some light coming up. It was Arisys carrying a torch. She told us what happened. She quietly went inside the room, but since it was dark she had some problems reaching the desk with the scroll on it. And she accidentally pushed the chair a little. That woke Thurl. He searched the door and went outside. Arisys quickly grabbed the scroll from its container. But because it was dark she wanted to pull it out fast it was ripped in 2 pieces. She couldn't reach the 2nd piece inside the container, so she closed it and left. In the hallway Thurl arrived with a torch and saw her. Arisys told him she was searching for a toilet. He told her that they normally did it upstairs on the top of the tower (where we were sleeping?!!). But that there also was a toilet downstairs. He lighted another torch and gave it to her and went to his room. Arisys then went upstairs to where we were and told us the story.

We tried to read the half scroll, but didn't really find out what it exactly was about. We decided it was a good idea to also get the other half. Half an hour later Arisys went downstairs again. It took about 5 minutes until we heard "Intruders!" being yelled by Thurl coming from downstairs. We ran there and stormed into the room, asking who it was and what happened. At that time I noticed Arisys also appeared with us inside asking what happened. Not sure how she did it and what she did, but they didn't expect her of being the thief at least. Varaf quickly mentioned that it might have been the prisoner while Thurl was looking at what was missing. After he didn't see anything missing from his personal belongings he found out it was part of the scroll. A big search was started, and we all were questioned and searched. They didn't find anything, even not on Arisys.

Day 11

We had to wait in a room downstairs for some hours when we heard they found the thief! We all went upstairs looking what was going on (except Arisys who decided it was best to wait in that room). Apparently they found the missing half of the scroll in the locked personal chest of one of the knights. Ofcourse i had some ideas about how that would've turned up there, but kept my mouth. It seems they had some insane punishments for things like this because they were going to throw the knight off the tower! I wasn't sure what to do, how could we save that innocent knight...

Varaf tried talking to him, convincing him the knight would be worth more kept alive. Lirmyi was at the edge of the tower looking forward to see the knight fall. And then Niamh started to tell the knight was innocent. I wondered what her plan was, so it suprised me the plan was to just tell Thurl that Arisys did it. You don't betray on of your friends! Thurl ordered 2 knights to get Arisys. In the meanwhile I tried to explain we all agreed with her doing it. And why we did it. I told him we didn't trust him after the talk yesterday because he was hiding something and looking suspicious at the scroll when Deseyna was mentioned. And that we were after a scroll she had. But Thurl wasn't really impressed by what I had to say.

A few minutes later the knights arrived with Arisys in their arms. Thurl asked her if she stole the scroll. Arisys mentioned that she didn't steal the whole scroll. And that she was going to put it back, so that's technically not stealing. But Thurl only reaction was that they had to throw Arisys off the tower. That was something that wasn't going to happen as long as I stood there, and I got ready to stop them. The rest of our group also started helping, even Niamh, and a fight started.

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