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>2. The Tower (Rodan)
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>9. Grimjaw Into Boarjaw (Rodan)
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9. Grimjaw Into Boarjaw (Rodan)

Played on November 20th, 2016

Day 14

After checking our quest log we decided we had to enter Rivergard Keep. Arisys and me picked up a wooden beam and carried it through the gate. The guard didn't think to much of it and let us through. Behind us the others followed with some more wooden beams. We walked through the keep and put them down close to the tower where the other workmen were doing repairs. I decided the best to do next was walk back and get more materials from the outside. Halfway, when we walked passed the entrance of the main building, Arisys suddenly disappeared. I continued walking to the gate. When I arrived there nobody was following me and the gate was closed. I waited for some minutes and noticed some guards in the tower next to the gate when I looked through an arrow slit.

Then Naeris, Niamh and Lirmyi also arrived. They told me they entered the tower that was being repaired, and encountered some angry, weird beast-like humanoids smelling like a cesspool, so they quickly left again. Varaf went somewhere else on their way here. Since the gate was closed we asked if someone could open it. A grumpy guard would finally open the gate so we could get more materials. Not sure why, but this time he let some guards follow us. So we dropped the materials again, and we started acting like we were helping the workmen with the repairs.

Then a door opened and some guy called Drosnin came out together with Varaf. It turned out he was some kind of priest and asked Varaf if his friends were here. He wanted to also recruit them. Since Varaf didn't point him to us, I tried to ignore it. But then I got a question asked about the crab shell shield I was carrying. I told him I found it in the hills and then he asked me where I came from and how I found this keep. I told him I got to the river and then followed it. But he didn't believe it and noticed some more unfamiliar faces. So he called together all workmen and wanted to visit Grimjaw to check who didn't belong here.

We entered the main building where Grimjaw was. He went through the list with names of the workmen, and the real workmen could leave. So we were left here with the 4 of us. I had no idea where Arisys was, and also Lirmyi disappeared when we were outside at the worksite. I guess he used his invisibility spell he was talking about for hours this morning. After some talking Varaf had succeeded in convincing Grimjaw that we wanted to be new recruits, and we could start our training soon. But at that moment a bolt appeared in Grimjaws head, who screamed loudly! Within seconds he transformed into a boar headed humanoid while tearing some of his clothes apart. The man next to him changed into a huge snake made of water, and the priest and guards tried to attack us.

The bolt came from Arisys of course, who shot multiple bolts, all hitting Grimjaw in his ugly (now with 3 bolts) boar head. Meanwhile Lirmyi also appeared and hit Grimjaw, who then charged into him and hit him hard and knocked him on the ground, to which Lirmyi quickly responded with another invisibility.
On the other side of the room I was fighting with the water snake, but it crawled all around me making moving very hard. So I blast it away with a Thunderwave, while Naeris, Varaf and Niamh tried to take care of the guards and Drosnin.

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