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>1. The Missing Caravan (Rodan)
>2. The Tower (Arisys)
>2. The Tower (Rodan)
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>4. Death By Monks (Rodan)
>4. The Feathergales vs. Evil (Aris)
>5. The Wrong Caravan Raiders (Rodan)
>6. A Long Way Down (Rodan)
>6. It's all fun and games until... (Varaf)
>7. Featherfall, Feathergale, Featherfail (Varaf)
>7. The Nest Is Abandoned (Rodan)
>8. An Ancient Dwarven City (Rodan)
>9. Grimjaw Into Boarjaw (Rodan)
>10. And that's Grimjaw dealt with! (Aris)
>10. Boarjaw Into Deadjaw (Rodan)
>11. Shark In The Water (Rodan)
>12. Fireball! (Rodan)
>13. Fire Elemental! (Rodan)
>14. Firewall! (Rodan)
>15. Plate Armor! (Rodan)
>16. Red Dragon! (Rodan)
>17. Fire Genasi! (Rodan)
>18/19. Red Larch Exploded! (Rodan)
>20/21. The Cleric and the Monastery (Rodan)
>22. The Dwarven Stronghold! (Rodan)
>23. Digging Deep (Rodan)
>24. Black Pudding (Rodan)
>25. Stoned (Rodan)
>26-28. Prince of Air (Rodan)
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10. Boarjaw Into Deadjaw (Rodan)

Played on November 27th, 2016

Day 14

The fight continued. Boarjaw charged and hit me, and the water snake tried to grapple me but failed. While I hit it back Boarjaw turned into Deadjaw while he was hit by another one of Arisys' deadly bolts. The water snake turned back into human form and quickly after that we killed her. Drosnin tried to escape through the doors, but it seems the others quickly caught him and took him back inside. He asked us to not kill him, while Varaf tied him up and put him in a corner.

While Arisys searched Grimjaw's body I went upstairs to check out if there were guards or other people there. I found 3 rooms, all with some bunks, desks, some chests, and a bookcase full of not so interesting books. The chests contained quite some gold and gems, so those I took with me to split later. When I came downstairs again Arisys asked me to open a door because she heard voices behind it. So I opened the door and the lovely smell of stew and ale came towards me! I walked in passed some cooks holding kitchen knives. And I guess one of them was stupid enough to try to attack me. At least Arisys was nice enough to only shoot a warning shot instead of killing him. I took a barrel of ale and put it on Grimjaws desk. I always enjoyed a good ale after a battle.

The others had some more servants sit on the floor, while Arisys opened some kind of secret door. I took my ale and went downstairs to check it out. We found a small underground river with 2 boats. In one direction there was some light, the other direction was pitch dark. We talked some more deciding if we wanted to take one of the boats or not, and what to do with the servants and Drosnin. Meanwhile I got the stew and some sausages, all that drinking got me hungry! Then Naeris suddenly started cutting off Grimjaws head, and threw it on the courtyard telling everyone to leave. I guess it worked, since soon after the keep was almost empty. We also decided that the servants and Drosnin could leave. Meanwhile Arisys was checking around outside.

When we went outside, we saw Arisys running towards a tower. The chain stopping the boat from leaving was being lowered and I guess she wanted to prevent that from happening. I also ran there while i noticed the captain was bleeding a lot. Guess Arisys did that. Before we were close enough to help the boat left the keep. Arisys came out of the tower again. She was too late. She did found a key and it turned out to fit on some gate in the water inside the keep. She and Nearis enter it with a rowboat and as expected it ended at the underground place with the other 2 boats.

We took a rest now and after that entered the 3 boats. Arisys was on my boat and when I wanted to started rowing Niamh warned us that she saw red eyes in the water. After looking some more I also saw them. When Niamh fires an arrow on them they quickly disappeared. We started rowing into the dark tunnel. At some point our boats started to wobble, but I couldn't see anything in the water. I took a defensive stance, but soon one of the other boats was turned upside down and they felt into the water. Lirmyi casted some spell and then we saw 6 humanoids light up under water, and a fight started!

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