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>1. The Missing Caravan (Rodan)
>2. The Tower (Arisys)
>2. The Tower (Rodan)
>3. Flying High (Rodan)
>4. Death By Monks (Rodan)
>4. The Feathergales vs. Evil (Aris)
>5. The Wrong Caravan Raiders (Rodan)
>6. A Long Way Down (Rodan)
>6. It's all fun and games until... (Varaf)
>7. Featherfall, Feathergale, Featherfail (Varaf)
>7. The Nest Is Abandoned (Rodan)
>8. An Ancient Dwarven City (Rodan)
>9. Grimjaw Into Boarjaw (Rodan)
>10. And that's Grimjaw dealt with! (Aris)
>10. Boarjaw Into Deadjaw (Rodan)
>11. Shark In The Water (Rodan)
>12. Fireball! (Rodan)
>13. Fire Elemental! (Rodan)
>14. Firewall! (Rodan)
>15. Plate Armor! (Rodan)
>16. Red Dragon! (Rodan)
>17. Fire Genasi! (Rodan)
>18/19. Red Larch Exploded! (Rodan)
>20/21. The Cleric and the Monastery (Rodan)
>22. The Dwarven Stronghold! (Rodan)
>23. Digging Deep (Rodan)
>24. Black Pudding (Rodan)
>25. Stoned (Rodan)
>26-28. Prince of Air (Rodan)
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1. The Missing Caravan (Rodan)

Played on September 18th, 2016

Day 1

So I arrived in Red Larch and went inside The Swinging Sword Inn. It was across the road from The Helm. I order a large beer and sit at a table. Even before I had my beer 2 strangers with cloaks walk in towards me. One of them looks familiar with his dark elven face, but not sure why. The other is a Tiefling, you don't see those often here! They join me on my table and I order 2 more beers. It appears I knew the drow from Waterdeep. He lived above the dwarven blacksmith I sometimes visited when I needed some repairs when I was in Waterdeep. They are the other Harpers which i need to work with.
Even before the other 2 have their beers an elf only dressed in some cloth walks into the bar straight at us. Hi other Harpers! he says. Not sure why he recognised us this quickly, but we tell him to speak less loud. You never know who is around. We drink another beer and discuss our plans.

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Day 2

The next morning Larmon leads us to the graves. He seemed scared. I came prepared and picked my shovel. We never know what happened if we don't open up these graves! In the first one we find a dwarf, but not the one we're after. We continue with the others. One of them has an armor i never saw before. It seems to be made of stone, and i try to remove it from him, but there is no way to get it loose from his body. Varaf thinks you need to use magic to put it on. One of the bodies has a symbol on his clothes. I remember it do be the symbol of Mirabar. So someone from the caravan! Another one has black feathers on his shoulders.
While looking around the area i find signs of a combat with more people then the 4 dead ones. I find some broken arrowheads, an old grey tattered cloak and a javelin.

We discuss our options for the next step. We are a little confused how people from the caravan ended up here. Since it was last seen in Beliard, which is on the other side of the river. There are only 2 places to cross the river, far in the north and far in the south. Varaf thinks the caravan flew over the river. I suspect it's more likely they went under it through some underground caverns.
Since the rest prefers not to take the route through the hills (guess they don't like mountains as much as I do), we take the route through Womford.

Day 3

Halfway we see 3 big birds flying at us in high speed. They are mounted by humans. Naeris and Varaf run towards them leaving me behind. Not sure how they suppose I can help protect them when they run towards them, since i'm the only one wearing some decent armor and a shield. Also these birds fly that quickly that it's better to wait till they are close to us.
When they are almost at us Varaf casts a spell which makes a loud noise. It hurts them a lot and 1 bird flies away. The other 2 continue at us and target Varaf and Naeris. When they are close I summon my handaxe in my hand and throw it at the closest one, but it misses. Meanwhile Naeris throws a small dart at one of them and hits him. While Varaf hits the one trying to get away with a spell. It crashed into the ground. The other 2 decide to flee, and Varaf casts another blast at them while they fly away.
We inspect the one that crashed, and it seems he will die soon. Before we can release him from his suffering Varaf stomps his foot on him and asks where the caravan is. That is too much for him and he passes away. He wears a white cloak and feathers on his shoulders. The same as we found on the buried dead body. We inspect him further and find a map in his boot, which has a tower marked on it. We think we saw a tower before far away in the hills and decide to head back there and find out what's going on.

Day 4

In the hills it becomes harder to travel, since there is no road. It doesn't look like the rest is up for some heavy climbing, so now and then we take the long route. When we get closer we find a small river which we follow. It comes from a waterfall up at a high cliff. We have to get up there, and decide to go left and follow that way until we get higher and higher. The wind up here changes directions often and is harder then you would expect with this weather. Something is not completely natural about it. Soon we are even higher than the cliff from the waterfall. And we can see a valley on the other side where that same river is streaming. There is one very steep rock which has the tower on top of it. It's linked to the mountain range we are standing on with a drawbridge.

We decide to move a little closer and keep watch. Varaf makes a small bush bigger with an illusion, and we hide behind it so we can inspect the tower better. After half an hour some big birds leave from the top of the tower. They fly around in patters and seem to be inspecting the area. It's unclear if they are mounted.

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