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>2. The Tower (Rodan)
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4. Death By Monks (Rodan)

Played on October 9th, 2016

Day 6

Some hits from 3 monks floored Naeris. He really should start to learn not to run in like a headless chicken! Meanwhile Niamh also ran in and started to shoot arrows. The monk that ran to me and blocked the door quickly went down by some hits of me, Varaf and Arisys.
The fight didn't go well, Niamh, Iymril and Arisys also went down and only me and Varaf were still standing. Varaf did his best mind controlling the monk with the golden mask, while i tried to keep the monks away from him. But after a few rounds of a lot of attacks I was out of spells and they knocked me down. Everything went black...

When I woke up we appeared to be inside a prison underground. All my things, even my armor, were missing. Only 5 from our group were here. Iymril was missing. There also was a dwarf, human and a drow, who seem to be in here for a longer time. I talked to the dwarf and found out they were from the missing caravan! He didn't had the scroll anymore. He gave it to $nameiforgot1. It turned out that while they were captured by these Black Earth people, those were attacked again by the Feathergale Society. They both ran another way in the end, and $nameiforgot1 was taken by the Feathergale Society. Weird that they didn't mention anything about that to us.
The drow turned out to be Iymril's brother, and was also a Bard, what a coincident! He was called Lirmyi. I checked the cell and noticed it was build by dwarfs long ago. Its condition wasn't great and it looked like any maintenance was neglected for centuries. The lock on the door was also old and rusted, and i could probably open it with 1 hit with my warhammer (which i could summon to my hand on command). But waited with that till really needed, since it would make some noise that could attract guards.

The prisoners here had to work in the mines. And every now and then a guard would drop by to check or deliver some food. While we were taking a short rest a guard dropped by. It was an Orc, and not a monk as I exptected. He came and took a group of people from another cell to start working in the mines.
Meanwhile we made up the rest of our plan. I would give Arisys my handaxe, and he would sneak attack the orc after he opened our cell door. The rest would hit him with whatever they had. I proposed to run into the mines, and find another way out, so we could avoid the monks. The rest still prefered to go upstairs and try to get out. Oh well, like all ideas i proposed so far, nobody wants it, and in the end we do it anyways.
Later we also saw an Ogre that came to look at us. He wasn't smart, that was for sure, but he looked like he would hit hard. We took a night rest and wanted execute the plan the next day when they would probably get us to work in the mine.

Day 7

In the morning a big Orc named Grom came to get us as expected. When he opened the door, Niamh distracted him by telling she was still hurt and couldn't work in the mines today. At that moment Arisys sneak handaxe attacked him. Right after that I summoned my warhammer and bashed him on his legs. Others also attacked. The Orc hit me good with his greataxe. Guess i was like a sitting duck without my shield and armor. When we killed him I took his greataxe and gave my warhammer to Niamh. We heard some noise coming from the hallway and Varaf put down a silent image of the orc. It was the ogre, and it was asking if all was alright to the silent image of Grom. When there was no response for 5 minutes, he ran away and yelled: "Grom is broken!"

The dwarf in our cell proposed to run while we had the chance. We all followed and ran into the mines! At first he knew the way, but after that he became less sure and I helped making decisions where to go. Lets find out how deep these mines are!

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