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>1. The Missing Caravan (Rodan)
>2. The Tower (Arisys)
>2. The Tower (Rodan)
>3. Flying High (Rodan)
>4. Death By Monks (Rodan)
>4. The Feathergales vs. Evil (Aris)
>5. The Wrong Caravan Raiders (Rodan)
>6. A Long Way Down (Rodan)
>6. It's all fun and games until... (Varaf)
>7. Featherfall, Feathergale, Featherfail (Varaf)
>7. The Nest Is Abandoned (Rodan)
>8. An Ancient Dwarven City (Rodan)
>9. Grimjaw Into Boarjaw (Rodan)
>10. And that's Grimjaw dealt with! (Aris)
>10. Boarjaw Into Deadjaw (Rodan)
>11. Shark In The Water (Rodan)
>12. Fireball! (Rodan)
>13. Fire Elemental! (Rodan)
>14. Firewall! (Rodan)
>15. Plate Armor! (Rodan)
>16. Red Dragon! (Rodan)
>17. Fire Genasi! (Rodan)
>18/19. Red Larch Exploded! (Rodan)
>20/21. The Cleric and the Monastery (Rodan)
>22. The Dwarven Stronghold! (Rodan)
>23. Digging Deep (Rodan)
>24. Black Pudding (Rodan)
>25. Stoned (Rodan)
>26-28. Prince of Air (Rodan)
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14. Firewall! (Rodan)

Played on January 8th, 2017

Day 21

We went down the stairs, with Elisar and his friends leading the way. But when we arrived at the level with the door to the outside scaffolding Elisar suddenly jumped down to the ground level with the imps. He ran inside the tunnel and casted a Firewall blocking entrance to it. Naeris didn't think a second and also jumped down after him. And he ran through the firewall as if it was nothing telling us to kill the others!

That started a fight on the stairs. We got it under control quickly, but couldn't prevent the caster to cast a Fireball on us and the wooden stairs. When we killed them all I quickly climbed down. In the meanwhile the Imps had stood in the Firewall and it looked like they adsorbed it since it was now gone. We heard some laughing coming from the tunnel and we quickly ran inside it. There we found Naeris his body lying on the ground. Since there were others to look after him I continued in the tunnel trying to find Elisar. But a 100 yards further it split up, and no sign of Elisar, so i turned back.

Naeris was stabilised and we took a rest on the ground floor of the tower since there was no easy way out. Together with the 3 imps that survived. 2 were killed in a split second by Niamh's deadly arrows. They seemed harmless now, which we couldn't tell during the fight. During the rest they stood in the burning rests of wooden stairs and the fire was adsorbed again, and made the imps happy. After the rest I proposed to clear the way to the door so we could get outside. After a few minutes we conviced the imps to also help. Seems that they didn't mind doing some work!

An hour later we got it open and went outside. There we found the druids together with some others discussing what happened. I told them the whole story of what happened and in the end they came with the conclusion that the only explanation was that Elisar was of the "Cult of the Eternal Flame". And that this just was some cover up to do some ritual or recruit new people. Since it was already late we spend the night here outside, and decided to go into the tunnel the next morning.

Day 22

We went into the tunnel. Niamh was leading the way, she was trying to track Elisar and found some blood on the floor so we could choose the right tunnel! This way we kept following the the trail of Elisar. It were natural tunnels formed by lava.

After about an hour we came to a non-natural exit with a huge arrowslit to the side. Behind it was a short hallway that ended after some time. Arisys went inside to check it out, since it looked strange. I expected it to be some kind of trap. When we were discussing what it was we heard someone ask what we were doing here. It were some not so smart Hobgoblins. They were asking us for the sign if we wanted to enter. Varaf asked what the sign was and for some reason he told him. So then Varaf did the sign and we were let in! I assumed some magic was in play here.

The building we were walking through was build by Dwarfs for sure! This was not something these Eternal Flame guys made themselves. We passed 2 guards that were wearing some kind of magical armor, because at the chest some fire erupted from it. That was some not beard friendly armor there! But they let us pass. We continued into a hallway with Dwarven statues on both sides. Luckily Niamh saw a trap just in time! I would have walked over it for sure. Even now I knew it was there it was still hard to see. There were some more statues and at the 3rd someone noticed a hallway behind it. With some effort we could turn the statue and enter the hallway. It led to a room with 2 Dwarven sarcophagus...

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