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>1. The Missing Caravan (Rodan)
>2. The Tower (Arisys)
>2. The Tower (Rodan)
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>4. Death By Monks (Rodan)
>4. The Feathergales vs. Evil (Aris)
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>6. A Long Way Down (Rodan)
>6. It's all fun and games until... (Varaf)
>7. Featherfall, Feathergale, Featherfail (Varaf)
>7. The Nest Is Abandoned (Rodan)
>8. An Ancient Dwarven City (Rodan)
>9. Grimjaw Into Boarjaw (Rodan)
>10. And that's Grimjaw dealt with! (Aris)
>10. Boarjaw Into Deadjaw (Rodan)
>11. Shark In The Water (Rodan)
>12. Fireball! (Rodan)
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>14. Firewall! (Rodan)
>15. Plate Armor! (Rodan)
>16. Red Dragon! (Rodan)
>17. Fire Genasi! (Rodan)
>18/19. Red Larch Exploded! (Rodan)
>20/21. The Cleric and the Monastery (Rodan)
>22. The Dwarven Stronghold! (Rodan)
>23. Digging Deep (Rodan)
>24. Black Pudding (Rodan)
>25. Stoned (Rodan)
>26-28. Prince of Air (Rodan)
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8. An Ancient Dwarven City (Rodan)

Played on November 13th, 2016

Day 11

The fight continued and one of the monks casted a spell that caused a enormous gust of wind. I could hold my ground, but Nearis got pushed back. I tried running towards them but couldn't reach them so threw my axe. One of the monks caught it. Then they swirled right at me and tried to hit me. Luckily I could cast my shield spell to prevent them from hitting me and they swirled back again. After that one of them was entangled by an arrow from Niamh and he died soon after by some more hits. The other one ran further away, but Naeris caught up with him and killed him.
When we searched their bodies, both were only carrying one thing. A lampoon talking about a party called "Ritual of the Wicker Giant" given by the druids of the "Circle of the Scarlet Moon", two weeks from now.

We continued our way and walked for a few more hours. It went deeper into the hills, over small steps. A ravine on one side and a huge wall on the other side. Finally we reached a large slab of stone and on the other side there was a ... Dwarven City! It was a huge entrance with 2 big dwarves carved from stone being the gate and with walls 25 yards high! And behind it we could see a huge pyramid shaped building, with a waterfall coming out of it. But we also heard gloomy creepy screaming sounds coming from the city, which were echoed multiple times. It was pretty clear it were not dwarfs anymore that were living here. Also I was pretty sure we walked in the direction of the monastery, but not far enough to be beneath it. I was pretty sure the Dwarven Stronghold would have a tunnel to this city.

We carefully checked if we could enter it. Arisys sneaked in to check it out. Meanwhile Niamh and Naeris were saying we should go back. It appears they didn't like it, and didn't want take some risks to save Deseyna. And that while Deseyna was the only clue we had for finishing our mission! Arisys told us that there was a zigzagging tunnel with arrow slits on both sides leading to a closed gate. That sounded like made by dwarfs, impossible to enter if they didn't want you to enter!
Meanwhile we found out there were some screeching voices coming from behind the wall. They told us that the Queen ordered them to not let us in. We also found out Thurl indeed arrived here. We tried convincing them to let us in, but failed. Arisys looked through an arrow slit and looked into the eyes of one of them. It turned out to be some kind of bird people. That explained their screeching voices. Our next plan was that Lirmyi casted a Faerie Fire to outline them, and Arisys would try to hit them. But as soon as Lirmyi did that they locked all the arrow slits. We took advantage of that and went inside to the tunnel to see if we could open the gate. But soon found out that it was as expected. Impossible to get open, and we quickly went outside again.

We waited and discussed some more options. Half an hour later we tried to disguise our self. Varaf was pretending to be some Duke. He even made a fake letter from the Queen asking for him. We entered the tunnel and at the end gave the letter to one of the birdman. They told us to wait. 15 minutes later it turned out they went to the queen and asked her about it. So we were answered by an arrow rain and were asked to leave now if we wanted to live. So we did that. We followed the path outside again, and took camp near the river.

Day 12

The next morning we were discussing what to do next. I proposed to go to the monastery, and visit that Dwarven Stronghold, since I was sure there was a tunnel from there to the Dwarven city where Deseyna was hold captive. But first we wanted to visit Red Larch. There we sold some of the things we found. The merchant asked where I found the shield I wanted to sell, and I told him about Grimjaw. Then he suddenly didn't want to buy it. Because what if Grimjaw saw him with the shield! He did offer us 150g if we would solve the Grimjaw problem. Apparently he was attacking every caravan around the hills. He couldn't tell us more about where the Druid party was, but send us to the inn.
There we talked to a woman who could tell use more about them and where it was located. We discussed some more about our next step, and in the end it was decided we were going to Rivergard Keep first, to cleanse it from Grimjaw. At least it was pretty close to the monastery. So we left on our way there.

Day 13

In the afternoon we arrived at Rivergard Keep. It was build half into the river. And it turned out they were doing a lot of repairs to the keep. Work people were going in and out of the keep every now and then. And guards were patrolling the walls. At the end of the day a group of about 20 work people left the keep. Niamh and Arisys followed them. They had a camp nearby where they spend the night, I guess they were not allowed inside the keep at night. We were planning how to get into the keep. Maybe we could pretend to be one of them, but it would be weird if there were suddenly some new workers? Or wasn't it?

Day 14

The next morning I was awakened by a loud *ding*. The rest was still asleep, so i guess they didn't hear it. I did feel like I could fit an extra attack now into a 6 second round...

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