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>2. The Tower (Rodan)
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10. And that's Grimjaw dealt with! (Aris)

Played on November 27th, 2016

Day 14

With a finla crossbow dart I manage to kill Grimjaw. That's a lot less to worry about now. Looking at the room beneath me, I still see the rest busy fighting the reamining opponents. Niamnh joins me on the balcony to help me shoot them from afar.
Drosnin manages to stand up and flee through the double door slamming them shut behind him. A few of us chase him outside and judging from the whimpering I hear from outside they've manage to capture him. Anothe bolt from my crossbow and the watershifter is also lying there dead. Now transformed back into humanform.
I hear Drosnin asking for forgiveness as naeris drags him inside. On the corpse of grimjaw, which has transformed back intpo its original form, I find a small key. I'll take that with me, you'll never known when that will come in handy.SRummaging through his notes we see a ew mentioning caravans. But they aren't very detailed; "Chest of Silver near W" or "Wagon near C". One not however slightly stands out. It warns about a group of six troublemakers, asking annoying questions in redridge. Opon closer examanition, this note might be talking about us. Now I'm pretty glad they hadn't recognized us as being that merry band of troublemakers. It's signed with X and written in a variety of handwritings. I think tin an attempt to fool people who would want to analyse the handwriting.

we further investigate this building. Ronan goes upstairs and finds a room which most likely housed Grimjaw. Another room seems to have been the office of the watershifter.
Downstairs one door leads into a small sleeping quarter. Three people are there whimpering. I explain about eh demise of Grimjaw which calms them down somewhat, but before to run out and alert the reamining guards, I ask them to remain here for a while, until we figure out what to do.
Then I notice another door, this time it's a secret one. We open it and follow the spiral staircase going down inside. This leads to a small undeground dock with two rowing boats tied up. Before we continue our investigation here we want to make sure nobidy disturbs us. Naeris Beheads Grimjaw and throws the head onto the courtyard while he yells: "Your boss is dead, flee or face the same consequences.". The panic which had already started slightly when Drosnin had been dragged inside now turns into a complete stampede as everybody want to get away from the keep.
The sailors on the ship also all of a sudden spring to action, readying the ship to sail off. I attempt to stop them by shooting the captain. Bu to no avail. They're already lowering the chain blocking the ships path so I rush towards the southeast tower. As I reach the tower, there's two people inside. I attempt to shoot the one handling the hoist of the chain, but I fail. The other person turns to water and escapes through set of curtains and the first guy comes charging towards us. With a nimble sidestep I manage to have him run into the wall leaving him unconcious. I then attempt to reil in the chain again to stop the boat. But even pulling with all my strength, it won;t budge until all of a sudden, I heard a screeching noise, then nothing and all of a sudden I do manage to reail it in.

Running outside hoping to see the stranded ship, I'm quite disappointed to see it sailing away. We go back insode to see where the water thing went. But behind the curtain all we see is a track of water, leading towards an arrowslit overlooking the harbour.Here we do find another key. And outside we think it might fit the lock on the gate leading underneath the keep. Naeris and me take a rowing boat and row towards the gate. They key does indeed fit, so we unlock it and I keep the lock and key.
We row into the tunnel, until we end up beside the other two rowboats we saw earlier today. We go upstairs and discuss what will be our next step. After a short rest we decide we'll use the three rowing boatds to go upstream into the tunnel and investigate.
As we're getting ready to board, Niamh sees red eyes looking at us and she decides to shoot an arrow at them. This seems to have scared them off, or at least we think it did.
We start rowing upstream until our boats start to rock vigouresly. After a fews scary moments, the boat containg Lirmyi and Naeris topples over. Lirmyi casts something which six people in the water glow with a green outline.

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