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Session 1 (Jouta)

"And so it begins"

Played on January 15th, 2012

22 February, 21 Years After the Departure (Atd)

A note to the reader: this is but a recap of what I was told, not an eyewitness account by any means...

On that fateful night, as I was fast asleep, my soon-to-be companions were busy entering the camp through the ancient Dwarven-made tunnel. Led by "Boulder" Adams, the group was 10 strong.
Their mission: to free my newfound friend Galtar.

Found out

It turned out that the group had little difficulty entering the camp through the tunnel. Unfortunately they were seen by two of the greyskins; I understand those were dispatched off quickly, even a little too quickly for Boulders taste: it turns out that the elf, Vaaluryan, is of good skill with a bow.
They did not however, have an exact map of the rocky cliffside on which the mine exited. So they were forced to make do with the tools they had to try and climb to the upper levels. Luckily one of the trusted friends of Boulder, Tharen the halfling, was able to climb up and tie a rope so that the rest could follow.

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